Nearly All of America Says Biden Encourages Illegal Immigration


    If the Biden White House is to be believed, the immigration crises we are currently seeing at our nation’s southern border is a direct cause of former President Donald Trump’s handling of things.

    However, it would seem that a vast majority of Americans aren’t exactly willing to believe that.

    According to a recent poll taken by Harvard University and Harris Poll, a massive 80 percent of America says that the border is in fact in crisis. The poll asked 2,006 registered voters between June 15 and June 17 about the immigration crisis.

    And some 68 percent of all those individuals believe the crisis is all Biden’s fault, saying that he is encouraging not trying to stop illegal immigration into the country. To throw a bit more salt on the wound, this poll has to be to the Biden White House, 55 percent of all of those asked admitted that we’d be much better off where immigration is concerned if Biden had left Trump’s policies in place.

    I’d say no one is being fooled by all this talk from the Biden Admin about wanting to actually help the situation along Mexico right now.

    In fact, more than half, some 61 percent, actually think Biden is responsible for the massive amount of unaccompanied children at our border facilities as well.

    As you’ve likely heard, immigration facilities at our southern border have been completely overwhelmed by the literal tens of thousands of children and unaccompanied teens being found crossing over illegally. The great numbers have led to much attention in recent days about just how inhumane current conditions are down there.

    And yet, still, the Biden Admin has done nothing to stop or even attempt to stem the influx.

    If anything, they have only encouraged the amount of human lives government agencies like Border Patrol and Immigration and Customs Protection have had to take responsibility for lately.

    In part, this is due to Biden’s reversal of Trump’s ‘Return to Mexico’ program, which ordered that those seeking entry to the US be returned to Mexico until their immigration court hearing, a time period which can sometimes take a whopping two to three years.

    This means that the millions now showing up, whether legally or not, have all been allowed to stay in the US for those few years. They will first be housed for a number of weeks or months at immigration facilities until their background checks, and such have been processed and then released to travel as they wish and take up resources that are already stretched far too thin.

    The recent Harris poll shows that 67 percent of those asked now believe that Trump’s ‘Remain in Mexico’ policy should have been kept in place, preventing hundreds of thousands of illegals from roaming around the US.

    Of course, many of those asked made sure to point out that it wasn’t just Biden who is to blame for all these issues.

    Vice President Kamala Harris, who was assigned the task of border control and the immigration crisis, is also primarily responsible for the lack of good done so far.

    It was noted that of those surveyed, 30 percent thought Harris was doing a good job, 44 said she was going a lousy job, and 26 percent said her work thus far has been adequate.

    But that has nothing on the 74 percent of respondents who say she should have, at the very least, visited the border and the epicenter of the crisis by now.

    And I can’t say they are wrong. I mean, she was assigned the immigration issue nearly as soon as she was sworn into office. And yet it took her a whopping 93 days to even go a visit the border. Well, that is if you can count her trip to El Paso, Texas, some 800 miles away from the Rio Grande Valley, a move towards solving the current immigration issues.

    Hell, she probably wouldn’t have even gotten that close if it hadn’t been for the increasing criticism she has received for not visiting any border sites yet.

    And as we all know, her perspective about the border would likely have been much different had she 1) visited earlier and 2) visited somewhere a little closer to the actual problem – say the McAllen, Texas, border facility, where agents are overrun with first-hand knowledge of just how bad the crisis really is.

    Suffice it to say that if this poll accurately indicates how America views Biden and his staff, 2022 and 2024 aren’t looking so good for Democrats.


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