Cuomo Doesn’t Really Understand What a State of Emergency Is


    Andrew Cuomo hasn’t been in the headlines for a while. Apparently, he felt as though his title of being the worst governor in the country was in jeopardy because he’s back.

    The state has yet to kick him out of office, so he’s free to harass his subordinates for a while longer. Though, that’s not why he’s making headlines at the moment.

    Cuomo has declared a state of emergency over gun violence.

    What’s the matter, Cuomo? Do you not know how to handle criminals? Perhaps if you and your liberal district attorneys would prosecute the criminals more, there would be a stronger deterrent in the state. After all, you’ve already cut the funding of the police, so it’s hard for law enforcement to do their job.

    Cuomo is treading on dangerous territory right now. Declaring a state of emergency allows the governor to have more rights – and violates the rights of the people.

    The executive order allows him to create a loophole, especially as it pertains to violating Second Amendment rights. Cuomo loves to play dictator because the title of governor just isn’t enough for him.

    Gun violence is hardly something that can be classified as a “state of emergency.”

    Cuomo clearly doesn’t understand what such a thing really means. States that claim such a thing can get federal funding and create legislation without having to go through the state House and Senate. Does he think that this move entitles him to even more federal dollars than he’s already getting?

    Typically, a state of emergency is reserved for actual emergencies, not the result of years of poor governing.

    When Louisiana experiences flooding after a hurricane, that warrants a state of emergency. When Texas has thousands of migrants flooding its border every month, that warrants a state of emergency.

    A rise in gun violence, however, does not warrant such an action – and Cuomo is the first governor in the U.S. to declare gun violence as such an emergency.

    The question is whether declaring gun violence is even legal. If it were, shouldn’t the Illinois governor do the same thing?

    Cuomo could make a mockery of gun rights because the state of emergency declaration allows him to do almost anything. That would include confiscating guns from legal gun owners.

    We’re in trouble.

    Cuomo watched as every state used a state of emergency during COVID to obtain rights. They told people to stay inside and wear masks. The lockdown measures helped to slow the spread – and it’s something that was necessary until the vaccine was ready.

    If state governments could violate rights during COVID, why can’t Cuomo do it for gun violence?

    Well, gun violence isn’t an emergency. And, it can be controlled simply by increasing the funding to law enforcement agencies – starting with the NYPD.

    Cuomo is on a power trip. And when he took to the podium to announce his executive order, he explained that no one needs an “assault rifle” to go deer hunting.

    Is he confused about why the Second Amendment exists? It’s not there to help people with hunting – it’s so that people can protect themselves from a government that is overreaching.

    For the record, Cuomo is overreaching. The Second Amendment is literally in place to protect Americans from people like Andrew Cuomo.

    As for what Cuomo’s exact plan is, he hasn’t said. The announcement of New York being in a state of emergency over gun violence is enough to make anyone shiver in fear. He’s overreaching, and his power trip is all designed to show New Yorkers that he is most definitely still in charge.

    It’s only a matter of time before Cuomo ends up in court. The NRA is likely working behind the scenes as you read this to put a stop to Cuomo’s actions.


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