COVID Lost in Florida Because These People Were Protected


    COVID-19 was a terrible time for a lot of people. The Democrats made it worse for people that live under their rule by instituting strict lockdowns and pointless regulations. But there were some places governed by Republican leaders that have weathered the storm and are beyond the recovery phase.

    One such place is in the state of Florida. Governor Ron DeSantis had an approach that defied the usual national way of dealing with COVID-19. He planned to sit with professionals in the healthcare industry and devise ways to combat the virus. He listened to those that knew what was coming.

    And now that Florida has all but beaten the virus, DeSantis has returned to the table to discuss what they did that made the difference. It was found that DeSantis took the “focused protection approach” to fighting the virus, and it worked.

    This approach was developed to purposely protect the people who were the most vulnerable to catching the virus. Florida has a considerable retirement age population, and they were the ones most at risk. So, DeSantis focused on the elderly and protected them. And what that led to was a win for the Sunshine state.

    Governor Andrew Cuomo took a different path for New York. He planned to react and cram all the sick into one place. That decision to flood nursing homes with infected people led to the deaths of thousands of people. New York lost its battle with COVID-19 because its liberal leader failed to protect the people.

    The liberal media will never admit that DeSantis was victorious at beating the virus. But the facts speak for themselves. They will never tell of the wisdom that the governor has displayed by returning to the table to discuss what worked well to be used again should something terrible ever strike again.

    DeSantis never thought he had all the answers like other liberal governors did. The Floridian governor listened to the people and looked at the truth behind the research of the virus. The people he worked with were not friends he owed favors to but experts in their fields of study.

    DeSantis stated that “Lockdowns, school closures, and government mandates have crippled economies, harmed our students, and prevented Americans from enjoying their God-given rights across our entire county. Florida has taken a different approach and as a result, our state thrives while others decline.”

    One of the experts that DeSantis worked well with was Sunetra Gupta, an epidemiologist, and professor of theoretical epidemiology at Oxford University. He noted that the death rate in Florida was well below the national average because the governor protected the people.

    His approach was attacked by just about every liberal that could find a camera pointed at their face. They called him all sorts of names and lied about the condition of Florida many times. But in the end, the truth won out, and now everyone sees that Florida won its fight against COVID-19 because of spectacular leadership.

    DeSantis shared the facts that show “People are starting to acknowledge – and they were not willing to do this for a long time – that Florida’s strategy of focused protection has meant there are forty states in the US that have higher covid mortality than we do and we have many more over 65’s than most states. Public health…includes mental health and stress. The negative impact of lockdowns…will be cataloged for years to come.”

    Historians will look back at the evidence and come to the same conclusion that Florida did it right. The liberals were the people that screwed up and destroyed their realms of governing. But DeSantis did what was suitable for the people and protected the most vulnerable.

    No one will ever say that it was a leisurely road because there were sacrifices that people had to make along the way. There are thousands of older adults alive today because of the actions of one brave man that was willing to walk a different path for the people he serves. The media will never give him credit because they cannot make a potential presidential candidate look good against any person the liberals may choose to run against him.


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