Former Black GOP Candidate Tells Biden Where to Find Real ‘21st Century Jim Crow’


    By now, you’ve likely heard all about the political left’s insistence that recently passed and proposed election integrity laws, most of which simply require an ID to vote in national elections, are a flagrant form of ‘21st century Jim Crow.”

    I’m not exactly sure where they get off thinking that these laws in any way suppress votes, limit minority voices, or are racist. But, apparently, that’s exactly what they think.

    Democratic President Joe Biden even said as much recently, in a speech given on Tuesday, in Philadelphia. Like most of his rambling anymore, the speech was full of insinuations and yet couldn’t specify nearly anything. He even went so far as to call anything dealing with election integrity part of Trump’s “big lie” and “the most significant test of our democracy since the Civil War.”

    But go ahead, let him refer to the simple act of requiring voter ID as one of our nation’s most damning moments and legislative measures.

    After all, this is the same man who worked hand in hand with known segregationists back in the 1970s and even tried to force the busing of minority children during that time frame.

    And as prominent black and former Senatorial candidate John James recently remarked, we have many other reasons to take such speeches from Biden and his cohorts with a heavy grain of salt.

    James, who ran to represent Michigan and his hometown of Detroit in the Senate in 2018 and 2020, has seen first what 21st century Jim Crow looks like in America. And according to him, it only lives where Biden’s party resides and holds power.

    As he told Fox News’ Outnumbered on Wednesday, if you want to see modern-day Jim Crow, “Come to Detroit.” He explained that in the once-bustling industrial giant of a city, “separate but equal is actually employed.”

    South of Eight Mile, there are actually regulations that make taxes racist, where homeowners have higher taxes than just about anywhere else in the nation. Children in schools are judged on their zip code, and teachers don’t even try to increase their growth. Neither are teachers’ unions held accountable for the failing instructors they employ.

    James explains that south of Eight Mile, “young mothers are incentivized to stay unmarried” to get the care and welfare they need.

    And it’s all thanks to countless years of Democrats in charge.

    James went on to say that you can see it in other places too – like Baltimore, Chicago, St. Louis, etc. In all of these urban areas, Democrats have poured on the need to fix black and minority communities. And yet, what they’ve done is only hurt them more.

    Defunding the police is a perfect example of this. All around the country, crime rates are soaring in black communities, and it’s because Democratic leaders are continuing to push for the eradication of police there.

    As James says, “They’re not offering solutions. They’re fixing the blame, they’re not fixing the problem. The only thing I’m seeing here that is as old as the Civil War is the fact that Democrats continue to exploit black people for their own gains.”

    And he’s not wrong.

    Year after year, decade after decade, the Democratic Party has made claims of being all-inclusive, for the people, for workers, and minorities. But all throughout that time, they have been the ones making laws that impede the growth of minority communities. They are the ones taking away law enforcement departments who have sworn to protect.

    Segregation is real. But it’s not found in new election integrity laws. Instead, it lives in the halls of the Democratic Party. It’s plastered on their walls and built into their floors.

    But like always, the only way they can get the power they so unceasingly crave is to turn whatever those flaws are on their head, pointing the finger at the opposing party.

    Why else do you think that they are now suddenly trying to blame their beloved defund the police movements on the GOP? They’ve failed, and they know it. The only way for them to stay alive is to turn something they can’t agree with into language that conjures up more hate and division.

    But as this year is already teaching them, Americans are done with their lies and shameful rhetoric.


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