Gun Shots at Nationals Game in DC, but Why?


    “Gun violence” is a commonly used word, especially by the left. It’s politically charged because it gets people wondering about how less violent the world could be without guns. It also gets people to think about what would happen if there were more gun controls in place.

    The problem is that it’s meaningless. Any time you pick up a gun doesn’t mean that there’s violence attached to it. Some people use the gun for hunting. Some people use it as a threat.

    “Violence” has to do with a behavior involving a destructive force – and often, it’s considered to involve multiple people. As soon as people hear the term “gun violence,” they think about shooters who are seeking to commit acts of mass destruction.

    “Gun violence” was reported as occurring in a joint statement from the Nationals and Washington DC Mayor Murial Bowser.

    Oh, no! Was there a mass shooting? How many people were killed?

    Well, that’s the thing. The liberals decided that using “gun violence” was a great way to describe what happened without discussing the cause. So, it got a lot of people worried.

    The real story is that there were the sounds of gunfire outside the stadium during the sixth inning on Saturday night.

    There were only a few injuries, and none of them were life-threatening. Players and fans alike were in a panic to find out what happened.

    Players went to the stands to grab their families. Fans were ushered into team clubhouses for safety. Others ran for the exits.

    The Washington Nationals and Murial Bowser were quick to denounce the shooting. Umm, obviously. It’s hard to not see the gun shooting as wrong considering it was in a public place and not for the purposes of range practice or hunting.

    The joint statement explained that “We stand together against senseless acts of gun violence in the city we love.” It went on to explain that gun violence is unacceptable and will not be tolerated.

    But what actually led to a gun being fired? Individuals outside of the ballpark, in two vehicles, were having a dispute. It led to the firing of a gun.

    Were the Washington Nationals a target? No. Were any of the fans at the ballpark a target? No. This is hardly a situation of gun violence. Instead, it was all about a dispute between two individuals. They simply were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Had the gun gone off in their driveway instead of in the parking lot at the ballpark, it wouldn’t have even made the news.

    And, would gun controls have prevented any of this? Probably not. The reality is that plenty of people carry guns legally. And, when they feel threatened, they’ll aim the gun at the person doing the threatening.

    The Metropolitan Police Department is conducting an ongoing investigation. However, the liberals have got to stop using “gun violence” as a scare tactic. It’s false and leads to everyone panicking when no one at the ballpark was even in any danger of this supposed “violence.”


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