It’s All Fun and Games Until the Radical Dems Bring COVID to DC


    We all saw the photos. Texas Democrats fled the state because they didn’t want to do their job. They knew they weren’t going to win the vote, so they decided to hop on a private jet so that the state legislature couldn’t reach quorum. And while those Dems were on a private jet, they chose not to socially distance themselves or wear masks.

    Oh, but they were vaccinated. Were they, though? We’re beginning to have our doubts, especially as the news is breaking.

    What the Dems didn’t plan on was creating a super-spreader event that may end up taking out the entire White House. Okay, so it probably won’t take out the entire White House. However, there’s a lot of misinformation being spread about whether Kamala Harris came into contact with the Dems and whether she may have even contracted COVID.

    We all know that the VP is vaccinated. We saw her get the shot on live TV. What we don’t know is just how good the vaccines are – and if there’s a need for a booster. It’s why so many people are still hesitating on getting the shot in the first place.

    Not long after meeting the social justice warriors from Texas, the VP found herself at Walter Reed hospital. Uh-oh. Is there a health problem? According to the White House, they called it a “routine doctor’s appointment.”

    Hmmm. Typically, you don’t go to the hospital for a doctor’s appointment. And, it seems really convenient that her appointment was immediately after meeting with some of the COVID-positive Democrats.

    Five of the Dems that flew to DC last week have already tested positive for COVID. They all swear that they’ve been vaccinated – and that poses another set of questions. If everyone’s been vaccinated, why are they testing positive for COVID?

    We all knew that this was going to happen. The COVID vaccine hasn’t had a chance to be thoroughly tested. We don’t know how long it’s going to last. And, with new strains showing up, such as the delta strain, we don’t know how well the vaccines will hold up.

    Different vaccines may offer different levels of immunity, too. We have no idea whether Moderna, Pfizer, or Johnson & Johnson are the better vaccines. However, we’d all like to know which shot the Dems got. Clearly, we don’t want the brand that they got because they have turned out to not be as effective as promised.

    The White House is being very vague when it comes to answering questions about Kamala’s sudden visit to Walter Reed. Was this an impromptu visit or was it already on her schedule? Is she safe? Is she healthy? These are things that we have a right to know considering that she’s second-in-command. Oh, and since her visit to Walter Reed, she hasn’t been seen in any public setting.

    Symone Sanders, the spokeswoman for Kamala said that she wasn’t in close contact with the Dems and, therefore, didn’t need to test or be quarantined.

    Why don’t we believe that?

    It all seems as though there’s a lot of information being hidden from us. Yet, we’re the ones being accused of spreading misinformation.

    The Texas Democrats have made a major faux pas. They have proven that they’re out of touch with what real Americans see, do, and need.

    Real Americans don’t run away when they don’t like an aspect of their jobs, and they certainly don’t fly on private jets. Real Americans also prefer to know what they’re injecting into their bodies. Apparently, these Dems have been vaccinated only to learn a hard lesson – they’re not as effective as promised.


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