Mask Mandates… Prepare for the Preposterous


    We’ve done everything that the U.S. government has told us to do. In March of last year, we were told that no masks were needed. Then, a few months later, we were all wearing masks as a way to keep ourselves protected.

    As soon as vaccines became available, we were told to get the vaccines so that they would protect us. We were told that if we got vaccinated, we could get back to life as normal.

    Now, with over half of the country vaccinated, the rules are changing once again.

    Dr. Fauci has warned that the CDC is considering mask mandates for the vaccinated.

    Wait, what? Where is the science to back all of this up? Well, that’s where the problems begin.

    Most epidemiologists and scientists will say that those who have been vaccinated are protected against spreading the virus, getting severely sick from the virus, and dying from the virus.

    Even the New York Times has published a piece about breakthrough outbreaks where people who are fully vaccinated get COVID. The instances are rare, and when the outbreaks do occur, COVID-19 is rare.

    Oh, but wait…there’s the delta strain now.

    Yet, experts say that this doesn’t change anything.

    Why, then, would Fauci and the CDC look to push mask mandates against the vaccinated? This is going to cause more and more distrust of the vaccine. After all, if we’re vaccinated, there should be no need for a mask.

    The CDC hasn’t made the recommendation for a mask mandate…yet. During CNN’s State of the Union, Fauci talked about the rising cases if more Americans don’t get the shot. He warned that the country is going in the wrong direction.

    Fauci doesn’t address the biggest issue, though. He wants to push for Americans to get vaccinated so that there is more protection in place. How would masking the vaccinated help offer any kind of protection?

    This is about fear and control as opposed to science. Why are we going to listen to Dr. Fauci who has been fearmongering for over a year when other scientists are supporting the facts? Scientists at John Hopkins University don’t believe there’s a need for a mask mandate. They’ll even go as far as saying those who have already had COVID have natural immunity and don’t need the vaccine, either.

    Fauci wants to point out what’s happening in various areas of the country, such as Los Angeles. The infection rates are spiking, so he says that everyone should wear a mask.

    Essentially, those that did what the government urged and got vaccinated to protect the masses are now being punished. Thanks for getting the shot so that we could get back to normal. However, we’re scared that we don’t know what we’re talking about, so go ahead and put that mask back on after all.

    Mask mandates seem to be coming from the CDC. The White House won’t offer up anything additional, according to White House press secretary Jen Psaki.

    The indoor mask mandates in the White House were lifted in May. If the CDC decides to require the vaccinated to mask up again, it appears that the White House would follow CDC recommendations – and masks would go back on.

    Does that mean we have to wear masks, too? Well, that’s yet to be decided. Though, it sounds like the Dems are all about masking us all, regardless of whether we’ve been vaccinated or not. Welcome to Biden’s America, where fear is followed and science is ignored.


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