Are We Footing the Bill for Illegals’ Legal Bills?


    President Biden is eager to take care of things at the border. Well, not the actual border crisis. What he really wants to do is make it easier for all of the illegals to settle down in the U.S. – and that means addressing the many legal bills that the illegals will have.

    The Biden administration is planning to spend millions of dollars to cover legal fees for illegal aliens. Biden has proposed a $15 million immigration plan that will cover private lawyers for “families and vulnerable individuals.”

    Yikes. That’s a lot of money. And why is it that this money has to be spent? Well, the illegal aliens will need legal fees so that they can get settled in the U.S. They’ll need visas, citizenship documents, and more.

    The problem with this kind of plan, if passed by Congress, means that U.S. taxpayers would be footing the bill.

    Pay attention. The Biden administration looked the other way as tens of thousands of individuals and families broke immigration law to enter the United States. At any point, they could have stepped in and closed the border. Instead, they made it easier for the migration to flow.

    Now, as we are faced with unprecedented numbers of illegal aliens, it is the taxpayers that have to pay for it all.

    Why? If you poll Americans, most will say that they are against this much illegal immigration. This isn’t even a partisan issue at this point. Even those who support the dreamers are disgusted by what the Biden administration is doing at the southern border – and no one wants to foot the bill for these legal fees.

    There’s a reason why all of these illegal aliens will have so many legal fees. They entered the country illegally. They broke the law. And some are continuing to break the law by committing other crimes. Yet, the Biden administration is not only going to allow them to stay but they also want to force taxpayers to cover the costs.

    It’s bad enough that the administration has allowed them to enter. It’s even worse that many are COVID-positive, leading to higher infection rates. However, it is completely unacceptable that taxpayers have to spend $15 million to cover the legal fees so that they can stay in the U.S. permanently.

    It’s as if American taxpayers have to pay to have criminals living next door to them. We get to pay to have minimum wage jobs taken away from us. We get to pay to watch the economy crumble under the stress of paying for all of these migrants that have no skills to offer the U.S. workforce.

    A fellow with the Heritage Foundation identified that deportation defense costs an average person between $2,000 and $10,000. Considering that there are tens of thousands of illegal immigrants that may need these kinds of legal services, the $15 million isn’t going to go very far.

    Biden is about to set a dangerous precedent. When do we stop paying for their legal fees? Do we just keep upping the taxes of law-abiding citizens?

    And to think that there’s a way to prevent us from footing the bill. We could just close the border and deport everyone who crossed illegally. Those who don’t have the money to pay for their own defense costs for breaking the law shouldn’t be here. Yet, Biden’s bleeding heart is going to bankrupt us all.


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