Hypocrisy at Its Best: DC Mayor Attacks Reporter Over Her Own Crime


    The Liberal Democrats do not understand what it means to set the example. They love to post new regulations and rules that they do not feel obliged to follow. They see themselves as a group of people that gets to live above the law. And if anyone is lucky enough to find themselves on the favored list, then they get to experience the high life as well.

    Woe unto the ones that expose the hypocrisy of the Democratic Party for living like they are queens and kings. They will find themselves subject to ridicule, personal assaults, and even physical abuse if they are not careful. And in extreme cases, one might find themselves disappearing from life altogether.

    The Delta variant of the virus has given the nutty liberals an excuse to grab more power and control over the people. It has allowed them the opportunity to lock down people and to force a cover over their faces. They do not consider science and ignore the facts about the common cold.

    When a Democrat is exposed as a fraud or a liar, they immediately go on the defensive. And with the help of their liberal media slaves, they can pretty much silence the whistleblower.

    Mayor Bowser of Washington D.C. is one of those Democrats that refuses to follow her regulations. And when she can get away with not wearing a mask, she is quick to throw it in the garage.

    The Delta variant forced her to institute indoor mask-wearing in the Capitol city. One would expect that she would want to set the example and be found wearing one at a wedding she attended over the weekend. But the hypocrite mayor was found not wearing a mask and got angry with the reporter who exposed her as a fraud.

    Mayor Bowser was not at all impressed to see her mug shot on the nightly news uncovered. She had made a big stink about the new mask mandate, and now she was maskless in public. And she was surrounded by people on her preferred list of violators.

    The sad little mayor believes that the mandates do not apply to the upper political class. One would think that she would apologize and make it right the next time she was at a function. But instead of admitting her mistake, she decided to attack the reporter.

    The Democrats are making these new mandates and deliberately violating them. They think that they do not have to obey the laws. But for Mayor Bowser, she has been caught red-handed and should have no excuse.

    Her violation stinks, and people are not letting her get away with the crime. Tiana Lowe noted that “When encountered by the Washington Examiner, Mayor Bowser confirmed that she officiated the maskless, indoor wedding, but when asked why she was violating her own mask mandate, her security retinue quickly escorted her away.”

    Not a legitimate doctor can honestly claim that forced mask mandates work like the liberals claim they do. When the pandemic first started, it was determined that standard masks did not filter the virus. But the liberals saw a chance to grab power and had their liberal media partners fake reports that masks were needed.

    The liberals covered up throwing out Tiana Lowe from the wedding by claiming she was never invited. The media had to cover for the sinful mayor and attack the reporter that supposedly took the effort of sneaking into the wedding for the sole purpose of taking a picture that she could frame the mayor with.

    The reporter was thrown out of the wedding, and the media posted a lie to make it sound like Lowe was the villain. This tactic is shared among the Democrats. When they need to shut a person down, they attack the character, and then if that does not work, they attack their person. They begin to get physical with them.

    This is not the first time the maskless mayor has been seen violating her edict. She was found with comedian Dave Chappelle at her birthday party, not wearing a mask. She loves to commit mandate violations.


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