Joe Biden on Slippery Slope as Unconstitutional Regulations Pour out of His Office


    The perpetuation of the pandemic and scare tactics used by the Democrats to keep ahold of their power has led to the ruin of millions of people. The imposed lockdowns by liberals have cost people their jobs and ability to pay their rent and mortgages. This has led to many being evicted from their homes until the government stepped in to stop the evictions by providing rent assistance programs.

    But that program has lapsed, which put the Democrats between a rock and a hard place. The liberal party could have done the right thing and extended the program. But instead of looking out for the people, they thought it best to look out for themselves and avoid the issue, hoping it would disappear.

    But the corruption does not stop there. The program lapsed, which was blessed news for landlords being robbed blind by the Democrats.

    At the program’s inception, the Supreme Court got involved and let the program run through the end of July. This allowed the liberals to find excuses to try and extend the social program. In the end, they found a way to rip of landlords and keep people dependent on them for help.

    The program seems like a match made in heaven. But it has only caused hardships for the property owners. If they cannot pay the mortgages, there is no way that they will be able to keep the property available for anyone to rent it. In a socialist’s world, they would end up owning the property at the end of it all.

    The Center for Disease Control is overstepping its authority by mandating that property owners avoid collecting money from renters. And now they have also issued stiff penalties that are coming across as unconstitutional. The Democrats act like a socialist country as they take apart the American society one part at a time.

    Property owners are being told that they will be thrown into jail if they try and evict a dead-beat living in their property. They will also face fines for evictions. The problem with the rules and penalties is that no federal organization can rightly tell property owners what to do with their property.

    The type of government that Biden is setting up mirrors that of socialism. Under a socialist government, the federal level tells people what to do, and they own all the property. There is no free enterprise, and people are not allowed to engage in business that profits them in any way.

    Biden and his entourage have found a way to grab power and property from people that are guaranteed the right to own property without having the threat of it being taken by a governmental agency. When a man lies, Biden thinks he has the right to seize property and dictates how it is used; he acts like a dictator and not a servant of the people.

    The president is an elected official that is supposed to serve the country and not his selfish desires. The founding documents of the country guarantee freedom. Biden thinks he can ignore them and rewrite them to fit his version of what America should be like.

    The apparent violation of property rights will eventually reach the one branch of government they cannot control. The Supreme Court is the one entity that keeps abuses to a minimum. They make sure that Biden and his liberal buddies from overreaching their authority.

    Biden’s executive powers have been abused and have certainly set a new precedent on what a president can do without working with Congress. The president has already admitted that he does not have the authority to take the steps he has pushed for.

    Barak Obama had also admitted to doing things out of his authority to do, but that did not stop him from instigating illegal programs. A pattern has developed within the Democratic Party, and that is a disregard for the process of law and order.

    The Supreme Court is going to have to step in and do their job to keep America the Republic is was set up to be. The United States is a place where the oppressed people can come and live free. But that will only stay that way if conservatives continue to fight the tyranny of the Democratic Party.


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