Healthcare Goes Racist as Vaccinated People Are Preferred Over Those That Have Not Had the Shot


    Democrats in New York City had crossed the line and ran headlong into socialist territory when they announced that people seeking to dine out had to show proof of vaccination. The rules they have levied on restaurant owners have then running in circles to deal with the mess of telling people who are not vaccinated to leave. They only have one month to get ready for the angry mobs that are about to tear through their doors.

    The mayor Bill de Blasio stated that “If you want to participate in our society fully, you’ve got to get vaccinated. It’s time.” The society he is referring to is the socialist utopia he thinks exists within the city. A city that has elevated crime rates and caters to illegals rather than legal residents.

    He went on to say that “This is going to be a requirement. The only way to patronize these establishments is if you are vaccinated, at least one dose.” These requirements are in complete violation of the Constitution of the United States. People cannot be forced by any governmental body to submit to rules that exclude them from making choices regarding their freedom.

    The food industry and the other establishments affected by the law are the ones that are going to suffer under the mayor’s socialist rules. All de Blasio has done is cut off over half of the population from supporting their restaurants. The rest of the people are simply going to take their business elsewhere.

    These businesses are still in trouble from the nasty lockdowns they were forced to endure during the pandemic. And now that they have finally been able to open up, along comes the ignorant mayor who takes away a massive chunk of their customer base.

    The racist mayor has stated that vaccinated people can eat inside, and all others eat outside. Segregate or do not eat at all. The Democrats have found a way to profile people based on their health choices racially. It has always been their desire to return to a time when people were treated like animals based on the color of their skin. But now, it is based on their health choices.

    One report stated that many restaurants are going to suffer. The report stated that “a new Indian restaurant on the Lower East Side, is expecting to receive cancellations when the vaccine mandate takes effect. The restaurant is also anticipating having to deal with upset customers.”

    Business owners are going to be forced to turn people away or risk losing their businesses. Companies are already getting ready to help train staff to profile people who refuse to show their vaccination passports racially. The Democrats might as well make people wear a patch that declares their vaccination status. After all, Hitler did it with the Jews so they could easily be targeted for violence and eventually death. The Democrats are copying Nazi-like tactics to get control over people.

    Michael Musto owns the Cargo Café, and he stated that “I just don’t see myself doing that, asking for proof. Do I have to turn my customers away? Do I have to turn business away?” He and others are being forced to turn away customers because their money does not have the smell of vaccine coming from it.

    New York residents will have to show proof of vaccinations before they can participate in certain types of commerce. They will have to register and utilize the cities app or show a paper card verifying their status. They might as well implant chips in hand or foreheads to check all of their health records.

    There are far more deadly illnesses requiring vaccines, so it makes no sense to make it a requirement for this one virus. And the vaccine is only beneficial to people for the first few mutations. It does not help against the Delta variant, according to some reports. The double standard is typical liberal nonsense.

    For people to be forced to comply with forced vaccination is not the American way. It is pure socialism. And the liberals are having their fun wrecking lives and making people comply with their demonic wishes.


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