New Census Phenomenon Named After Elizabeth Warren; She Won’t Like It…


    By now, you’ve all likely heard or seen some evidence of race hoaxing in recent years, where someone pretends or claims, sometimes for years and years, to be part of a race or culture that they really aren’t. one of the famous and vastly embarrassing cases of this comes from the near socialist Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren.

    Warren, as your average white girl, complete with blonde hair and blue eyes, has claimed for decades that she is part Native American. And as such has infiltrated herself if numerous conversations on modern and historical indigenous peoples as though she has some vast and inside knowledge of their culture.

    According to The Washington Free Beacon, Warren once said, “Being Native American has been part of my story, I guess, since the day I was born. I don’t know any other way to describe it.”

    And for just about as long as everyone can remember, she’s tried to stake her career on her supposed ancestral ties, even insinuating on numerous occasions that because she is a Native American and a woman, her political career has been oppressed.

    Now, to be clear, according to a recent DNA test, the Democratic senator does have some Native American blood in her veins. Warren is recorded as being somewhere between 1/64ths and 1/1,024ths Native American.

    However, it’s not nearly enough to get her recognition as part of any tribe anywhere, as most tribes or nations require ancestry to be at least 1/16th to be considered part of their whole. Nor does it give her any real right to make the claims that she has.

    It would be congressional members like Yvette Herrell and Deb Haaland of New Mexico or Sharice Davids from Kansas, if anyone does. Unlike Warren, these women are actually part of their ancestral culture and they live to represent that and their people in our nation’s capital.

    Warren has clearly only ever used her career to edify herself, such as when she ran for president in 2020 and claimed she would be the first Native American and woman POTUS.

    And while she failed on any serious level to gain the political traction needed to become our top-ranking national leader, she has managed to earn herself quite a bit more fame, albeit in not such a good light.

    In fact, she’s so well known for her ‘race-hoaxing’ that the experts of the US Census have since named a recent phenomenon of the 2020 census after her.

    It’s called “the Elizabeth Warren effect” and signifies a massive jump in those who claim to be non-Hispanic and at least one other race since the 2010 census. According to the 2020 results, those claiming to be in this category increased by a whopping 127 percent. And some 26 percent of those identified as white people claiming to be Native American, according to The New York Times.

    That’s right, some 2 million more Americans are now claiming to be Native American and white than in 2010.

    Now, clearly, some of this is likely legitimate. After all, populations due tend to increase over time rather than decrease.

    However, many experts, or at least those tying the occurrence to Warren, don’t believe all of it is. Clearly, Warren has gotten away with such claims for decades, regardless of how little her ancestry actually has to do with her life or political career. So why shouldn’t someone else?

    But the phenomenon also likely has to do with such recent progressives’ beliefs, such as critical race theory. If you haven’t had the privilege to hear about CRT, it is basically the belief that white people, as they have been supposedly in power for far too long, are inherently evil and must somehow atone for the sins of their forefathers, particularly in regards to the enslavement of black Americans before the Civil War.

    There are actual college classes and the like on the topic, which usually include lessons on how to ‘check your whiteness’ and privilege as well as how to overcome it, despite the evil that lives in your light skin pigments.

    But, as CRT may go down in flames like the trash it is, it’s unlikely that Elizabeth Warren’s humiliation will die such a quick and painless death. Instead, as this new nickname ensures, she will go down in history as one of the biggest race hoaxers in America.


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