Kamala Harris LITERALLY Laughs in the Face of the Afghan Debacle


    We really have to question whether Kamala Harris even likes the United States at this point. We’re faced with one of the biggest catastrophes in history with the way that we handled Afghanistan. Yet, when the VP finally decides to weigh in on all of it, she laughs.

    She actually cackled when a reporter asked the VP what the response to reports of Americans being stranded in Afghanistan is. She smiled and said for everybody to slow down.

    Slow down? We have questions – and we need answers. The VP doesn’t want to deal with any of it, so she hopped a plane to visit Vietnam. If it weren’t for reporters waiting there on the Tarmac in Southeast Asia, she would have run away without addressing Afghanistan at all.

    There have been two weeks of chaos in Afghanistan. We’re stranding American citizens as well as Afghan nationals who have proven to be strong allies. They fought beside us yet we’re about to leave them to suffer a fate worse than death – Taliban rule.

    Thousands of Americans are still trapped in the country because not everyone can get to Kabul. As for how we’re going to get them out, no one has shared a plan. Meanwhile, we have Jen Psaki, the White House Press Secretary, bold-face lying that there are no more Americans left in Afghanistan.

    Throughout most of this, Harris has been MIA. She hasn’t wanted to deal with any of it. As for whether Vietnam needs a visit from the VP, they absolutely do not. There are bigger issues happening on our Homefront. Yet, Harris proves time and again that she’s not going to do her job.

    When Harris got done laughing and answered the question, it was insincere, to say the least. It’s as if she practiced her lines in front of a mirror knowing that she’d be forced to recite them at some point. Regarding Afghanistan, “We couldn’t have a higher priority right now.” Really? Then why is she off to Vietnam? She doesn’t even believe what she’s saying, so why should anyone else?

    Americans are being beaten on the streets as they try to get to the airport in Kabul. Afghan allies are being killed by the Taliban – and with American weapons to boot. We are supposed to believe that the Biden administration has everything under control. They do not. It’s what led to this mess in the first place – and the deadline of August 31 is getting closer and closer.

    The administration is imploding over this issue – and we look to the VP to provide some kind of honest response. We need to know that there’s a plan. We need to know that we’re not going to abandon Americans who cannot make it to Kabul. We need to know that there’s a shred of humanity inside of Harris.

    Nope. She cackled. It’s kind of been her behavior whenever she’s faced with the press. She thinks that if she smiles and laughs, people will like her more. The problem is that people don’t like her – and what’s going on with Afghanistan is no laughing matter.

    So, we’re faced with a President who can barely speak and a Vice President who laughs at the misfortune of others. What an amazing administration we have. No wonder the Taliban feels as though they can walk all over us.


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