Has the Pandemic Led to a Dooms Day Approach to Dating?


    Partnering up during the pandemic is hard. You don’t know who has been infected and who hasn’t. If the world goes into lockdown again, you don’t want to be alone. It’s led to an interesting new approach to dating.

    According to Axios, research shows that 37 percent of people on the Hinge dating app would be exclusive with someone before even meeting in person. Apparently, just video dating and sending texts back and forth is good enough to get into a long-term, exclusive relationship.

    Another alarming statistic is that 44 percent of Hinge users are showing that they’re nervous about dating, especially since they’ve been out of the scene throughout the pandemic.

    It all makes sense, though. Dating in person during a pandemic can be hard. For those in states with a mask mandate, you wouldn’t get to see the bottom half of a person’s face until you sat down to dinner to start actively eating or drinking. As you walk around with a person, conversations are muffled.

    The only time you get to truly know someone, then, is by being in a private space – such as your home. As such, some people are ready to hit fast forward to get to that point while others want to pump the breaks entirely.

    It’s changing the entire dynamic of dating – and the future of dating is looking a bit bleak. People are showing their desperation to get into relationships so that they don’t have to endure a lockdown or quarantine on their own.

    A behavioral scientist and director of relationship science at Hinge, Logan Ury, explains how video chat has been normalized. “It’s only natural that it would extend to dating because dates can be really costly and time-consuming.”

    Ahh, the financial aspect finally comes into play. Many people have complained for years about how dating can be expensive. You may have to pay for three or four dates (or more) before finding someone you’re compatible with. In today’s economy, people don’t have that kind of extra money to play around with. As such, video dating becomes a cost-effective solution.

    Is this what the world is coming to in a pandemic where people have been fear-mongered by the government? We’re raising an entire generation to be afraid of face-to-face dating.

    We have to consider the social aspects of hiding behind a computer screen. If you do it for too long, meeting in person may seem like an impossible task. Actually, talk to someone? Breathe the same air? Participate in an activity together?

    There may be some nervousness, but it’s important that people learn to conquer their fears. No one can hide behind computer screens forever – especially if they ever actually want to find a partner to do life with.

    Too many liberal cities and states aren’t focusing on the doom and gloom attitude that they’re fostering in people as they create mask mandates and an array of pandemic restrictions. People need socialization. People need love. Without it, we’re looking at a future of depressed, lonely people wandering through life. It’s time that we stop hiding behind the computer screens and the masks. Human interaction is critical – and the liberals need to understand that the Dooms Day approach will destroy us.


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