Biden Secretly Supplies Taliban With Weapons for Their Terrorist Plots


    Joe Biden is his own worst enemy. He cannot keep his secret agenda hidden from anyone. His jealousy of Donald Trump led him to pull out of Afghanistan way too early. The trouble that would follow would end up being the catalyst for Republicans and some liberals to demand his impeachment. But the secret part of his plan would come out after troops were removed.

    The deadline is a coverup for something far more sinister than to announce the end of a war that has kept peace in the world for decades. If Joe Bide truly cared about the people, he would have at least kept things going until all the Americans were evacuated. But that would not happen, and now thousands are left captive behind enemy lines.

    It is not a secret that the Democrats and progressives are seeking to destroy freedom in America. Biden is doing it by empowering internal violence with groups such as Black Lives Matter and Antifa. These two groups have produced the desired results, so Biden seeks external help to produce terror in America.

    The withdrawal that Biden allowed to happen was more of a run for the hill’s moment. A withdrawal demands the removal of equipment right along with people and service animals. Biden’s retreat left all the equipment and many service animals to be used by the Taliban. His way of apologizing for past administrations was destroying the terror network and stripping them of their terrorists’ weapons. But thanks to Biden, they have all of them back with interest.

    Biden’s secret plan was to arm the terrorists with weapons they could use to kill people. The Taliban are now in control of some of the most advanced weapons on the planet. They will hunt down all remaining Americans and put them to death with the very guns used to stop terror from coming home.

    Biden’s incompetence is only beginning. Whether he intended for all the weapons to fall into the enemies’ hands does not matter. What matters now is that they have them, and he is responsible for failure to remove the weapons when the pullout was taking place.

    Biden not only gave the terrorists the land they needed to train up new killers, but he also gave them the weapons to initiate their acts of terror with. People are wondering why the old man pulled out and left everything behind.

    Nathan Sales worked as a State Department undersecretary and counterterrorism expert under Donald Trump. And he wants to know why Biden left the “resources [to determine] the mission rather than the way it’s supposed to work where the mission determines the resources.”

    He pointed out that “The White House imposed personnel constraints and made the choice to abandon [the] Bagram [air force base].” General Mark A. Milley verified and agreed with what Sales had found.

    Biden retreated, and now thousands of people are in danger of dying at the hands of terrorists. The Taliban has the weaponry to do as they please, all thanks to Joe Biden, who turned his old back on the people that had no choice but to count on him.

    Donald Trump put the fear of God into the Taliban. The terrorist organization even offered Biden space to get out, but Biden turned them down. He claimed that the United States did not need the extra space and time to pull out. Biden’s ignorance and failures have led to the Taliban having access to technologically advanced weapons.

    One report has noted that Biden gave the Taliban, “Estimates of the trove’s value range from $70 billion to $90 billion. The stockpile likely includes 80,000 vehicles, including 4,700 late-model Humvees, 600,000 weapons of various sorts, 162,643 pieces of communications equipment, more than 200 aircraft, and 16,000 pieces of intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance equipment, including late-model drones. Especially worrisome are the loss of night-vision equipment, 20,000-plus grenades, and 1,400 grenade launchers, as well as more than 7,000 machine guns—the perfect equipment for jihadist terror operations and asymmetrical street fighting.”

    The sad part is that Biden betrayed Americans and gave Islamic terrorists precisely what they wanted. It stands to reason that Ilhan Omar could not be more pleased with her puppet president for what he has given her people.


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