Democratic Party in Tennessee Found Ripping Off Citizens


    The Democrats are the reason why so many people believe that all politicians are corrupt or crooked. They lie, cheat and steal their way through life and have become masters with how to cover it up. So, when the Democratic Party in Tennessee was found to be stealing money from the hard-working taxpayers, it did not surprise anyone.

    The Federal Election Commission filed a case against the lousy party because it was discovered that the liberals had doctored their books in millions of dollars. They were caught abusing campaign funds, and now they will have to answer for their crimes.

    The FEC found that there was “reason to believe that the Tennessee Democratic Party violated’ the law by ‘failing to report total receipts and disbursements, failing to itemize receipts received via joint fundraising transfers,’ and ‘failing to maintain monthly payroll logs.’”

    It was evident to every person at the FEC that the Democrats were doing illegal things with money. They would conveniently forget to record the sum of money that people were paid and forget to turn in necessary receipts. In their minds, if there was no paperwork, there was no way anyone could prove that they were up to the criminal activity.

    People that engage in shady financial venues are quickly discovered and sent to prison. Those responsible for doctoring the books need to be held accountable and sent to prison for the rest of their life.

    The FEC found that the Democrats failed to report $2,739,911 worth of receipts. They also tried to itemize $1,500,766 in contributions. These contributions were found to be linked to joint fundraising activities. In joint ventures, the campaigning party and the state party are supposed to split the cash. But in this case, they tried to claim it all for themselves.

    The shady part is that campaigns can take more considerable donations than what a candidate can legally accept. The FEC also found that the Committee failed in its amended report to correctly report a gross, unitemized $78,999 fundraising contribution.”

    The Democratic Party also failed to separate the work on both the state and federal level campaigns. That would provide the cover they needed to hide how much money they were receiving. Each level has different rules by which they must abide. So, when they muddy the water, it gets the attention of the FEC.

    The greedy Democrats do admit to the charges and will end up paying $103,000 in fines. They have agreed to go through training, but they knew exactly what they were doing and how to cover it up. They can go through all the training they want and still find another way to cheat taxpayers and campaign donors.

    Ellen Weintraub is the FEC Commissioner, and she is less than enthralled by their actions and how the case was settled. She believes that there needs to be a stiffer punishment to get through to these criminals. And what makes her point even more interesting is that she is a Democrat herself.

    She stated that “The negotiated agreement requires the Tennessee Democratic Party to pay a civil penalty of $103,000 for the $3,677,981 in misreported activity… These extensive violations merited a higher penalty.” Somewhere they settled for a slap on the hand when they should have had more done to them. They did not learn a lesson by just paying a small fine.

    Weintraub stated that “Inconsistent and inappropriately low penalties such as the one in this matter amount to little more than the cost of doing business.”

    The Democrats are so greedy that they would take amounts over the legal donation limit and put it into a state account. That money should have been returned to the donor to correct the amount before making another donation. These crooks knew what they were doing and got a slap on the wrist for their troubles.

    History shows that the Democrats are crooked politicians that somehow brainwash people into following their poisonous way. The Republican Party at all levels of government is honest and works for the people. Which is a lot more than what the Democrats can say they stand for.


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