Texas Tackles Biden Before the End Zone Smashing His Hopes of Men and Women Sharing Bathrooms Together


    Joe Biden and the rest of the circus clowns think it is funny to tell men to use the women’s restroom. All they have to do is tell everyone that their gender is wrong, and they have found their true purpose in life: to change bathrooms. The liturgical nonsense opens the door for all sorts of horrible things to happen to women around the country. The Democratic Party has opened the door for women to be preyed upon by sexual predators. 

    But not all states are as accepting as some of the Biden worshippers might think. The Democrats think that segregated bathrooms are wrong, but the protection that comes from private restrooms cannot be overlooked. For decades there has not been a group of people that have ever tried to change the rules on public restrooms until this generation of Democrats. 

    The nasty liberals act like it is a do-or-die moment. But their efforts are being pushed back in their faces by the state of Texas that is once again leading the fight for normalcy and commonsense. The state is bringing a lawsuit against the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission because they have ignorantly misinterpreted the law. 

    The EEOC is accused of misinterpreting the law on purpose to allow LGBT workers to pick the bathroom they want to use. They want to bind the hands of business owners and keep them from enforcing commonsense workplace laws that would segregate the bathrooms. The EEOC wants to pull their racist card out and try to duplicate the civil rights fight of ages passed when people of color were not allowed in certain places because of the color of their skin.

    Ken Paxton is the Texas State Attorney. He leads the fight against the EEOC, and he is the patriot that is protecting women from predators that call themselves Democrats. 

    Businesses have dress codes and rules that protect the sexes from each other and sets a tone of professionalism. No one is allowed to dress in a way that would distract from the core mission of every company, which is to grow and earn a profit. If a man wants to the playhouse and acts like a woman, there is no place for him in the workplace. He needs to stay home and play the housewife role that he wants to engage in. 

    Texas filed a suit with the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Texas. They claim that the EEOC wrongfully interpreted the Supreme Court ruling of Bostock v. Clayton County, Georgia. The court decided that gay and transgender workers are protected under federal anti-discrimination law. 

    However, according to the lawsuit, the guidance issued by the EEOC that “guidance misstates the law, increasing the scope of liability for the State in its capacity as an employer — and [EEOC Chair Charlotte Burrows] did not even have authority to issue it.”

    The state wants to make sure that its agencies can establish their own workplace rules. The EEOC interpretation prohibits that because they think it applies to state governments. The law handed down by the Supreme Court deals with the identification of gender and not biological preference. 

    According to one report, it “has both unisex single-occupancy bathrooms and bathrooms that are designated by sex. It interprets ‘sex’ as referring to biological sex rather than gender identity. If any employee wanted to use the bathrooms designated for the opposite sex, TDA would reject such a request.”

    The rules are based on biological orientation and not preference. That takes away the threat of a man deciding one day he is a girl and following a woman into the bathroom he wants to assault sexually. The Democrats do not think through their actions before issuing guidance and laws. 

    Interestingly enough, the District Court for the Eastern District of Tennessee stated that the EEOC “issued ‘interpretations’ of federal anti-discrimination law far beyond what the statutory text, regulatory requirements, judicial precedent, and the Constitution permit.” It is a sure thing that the EEOC will lose and be found liable for the confusion they are creating with federal anti-discrimination laws. After all, if the Democrats can keep people guessing, they can move forward with other dangerous things.


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