World Leader Declares Group a “Global Terrorist Organization”


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    We have seen civil disruption and chaos in the last year, unlike practically any other time in our nation’s history. And while the unrest has seemed to die down in some parts of the country, it has now spread worldwide, to cities like Rome and Nantes, France.

    But unlike here in the US, the culprits, also known as Antifa, are finally getting called out. And in one European nation, their leaders have even been willing to go so far as to label them a “worldwide terrorist organization.”

    Enter Slovenian Prime Minister and EU Council president Janez Jansa. Over the weekend, after a series of dangerous and deadly riots in Nantes, France, Jansa went to social media expressing his disgust for what had happened and a call to action against Antifa, starting with labeling them for what they are.

    He wrote, “Antifa is a global terrorist organization. Supported by the capital of financial speculators forging profits at the expense of chaos caused by the operation,” according to Google’s translation of his post.

    Slovenia, formerly a part of Yugoslavia and home to former First Lady Melania Trump, is no stranger to protests and civil unrest, as it has been battling them for a number of months. However, upon seeing these violent riots spread to other nations, Jansa has made it a mission to see that Antifa is held accountable for the widespread damage they have caused.

    As I hinted at, the latest example of this took place in Nantes, France, this past weekend in an attempt to disrupt a campaign event for French presidential candidate and conservative writer Eric Zemmour.

    According to Breitbart and the French outlet Le Figaro, about 600 far-left Antifa protesters stormed the event, fighting police and demanding Zemmour’s head, literally.

    Zemmour has been likened to a French Donald Trump, as he is no politician and is pushing a message of conservatism that “people were waiting for.” Among his top concerns are immigration and the growing culture wars.

    Antifa has also been busy in Italy, where some 100,000 protesters caused massive and widespread damage to personal and public properties last month.

    Now, of course, this isn’t the first time we here in the United States have heard of Antifa or their hate-filled and violent riots.

    As you well know, beginning in late May of 2020, after the death of George Floyd, “peaceful” protests started popping up all over, mainly in larger Democratic-held cities. At first, these protests were believed to simply stand up to the racism and police brutality that unfortunately exist in some areas.

    However, it soon became evident, it was about much more than just racism or even our long-held system of policing in the United States. Instead, it was politically driven. And even more terrifying than that is the fact that most weren’t really peaceful at all.

    Instead of marching on City Hall or taking picket lines to businesses, it turned into absolute rioting.

    Stores were looted, homes were burned down, businesses destroyed, and innocent people standing by were beaten, some within an inch of their lives. Police departments were set on fire, with officers still inside, cars were blown up, and anyone standing in the way was taken out.

    And for what?

    We can’t say it was to fight racism because, in many areas where this happened, it was black-owned businesses and homes that were destroyed. Neither can we say it was just about police, as stores such as Target and fast-food restaurants were often made into targets.

    What became evident is that this was merely a stunt by the political left and their radical arm known as Antifa to push their agenda forward.

    As a result, then-President Donald Trump called for the organization to be designated as an actual terrorist organization by the State Department. However, this request couldn’t be completed before his time in the White House was up. And, of course, the Biden administration has no plans to take up that case.

    But the hope of getting it achieved isn’t completely lost, thanks to a proposed resolution sponsored by Republican Representative Lauren Boebert of Colorado. According to her website, it’s “time to put the safety of the American people ahead of politics and designate ANTIFA as a terrorist organization and declare that ALL political violence has no place in our great nation.”

    This should be a no-brainer for all of those in Congress. But we’ll see if the liberal left will see it through.


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