Even Australian Media Knows the Cheese Has Fallen off Biden’s Cracker; When Will the Left Admit It?


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    When Australian media is making fun of you, you know you’re in trouble, and that’s exactly the situation we find ourselves in now.

    Sky News Australia’s Rita Panahi hosts The Friday Showdown, and she took some time in this program to point out how badly the cheese has fallen off Biden’s cracker, and she hit the nail on the head.

    In a segment titled ‘What in God’s Name is Joe Biden trying to say?’ she pointed out just how crazed he has become. She started off with a clip of Biden talking about a computer speaking to him, and a clip of him speaking at a campaign event for Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe.

    Biden: “As one computer said, if you’re on the train, and they say Portal Bridge, you know you better make other plans…” pic.twitter.com/G4T1wX8Qdl

    — The Post Millennial (@TPostMillennial) October 25, 2021

    The bumbling and insane verbiage gave her plenty to talk about, and she did not hold back.

    “This man needs a retirement home and a warm bowl of soup, not access to the nuclear codes. When he’s not making a fool of himself misreading auto-cues, Biden is making utterly incomprehensible decisions that further weaken the U.S.”

    Given his length of public service, his uncontrollable blathering, and crackpot ideas, it’s a wonder he has yet to be exiled from office. The hard left has been rallying around him and thus making a mockery of the U.S. in the eyes of many other countries including many of our allies.

    With immigration as the next talking point, she doubled down on what is best for President Biden right now.

    “Of course, the Biden administration has completely lost control of the southern border with more than 200,000 illegal immigrants encountered crossing a month — and that’s the ones encountered… The man is in need of a lie down, a pudding, time with his grandchildren. He has no business being in the White House.”

    America has been a beacon of hope for the world for decades. When WWI and WWII came about, it was America that came to the rescue and kept the world free from evil dictators.

    We did our best in Korea and Vietnam; despite many Americans being against the war and treating our nation’s Veterans like shit when they came home (something many of us are trying to make right now). Desert Storm went according to plan but was left unfinished.

    The resulting wars in Iraq, and Afghanistan took thousands of lives overseas, and countless more once these brave men and women came home. As we leave many of these Veterans to deal with homelessness problems, substance abuse issues, and untreated wounds of war, we instead focus on problems that are far less severe and blow money there.

    That is not what being a beacon to the worlds means.

    If we want to get back to being that same beacon to the world we once were, we need to get back to taking care of people without massive Government involvement. Their red tape, special interest programs in the budgets, and misuse of funds have been rotting America away from the inside out.

    This destruction of the country is devastating to watch on foreign news, and even sicker when we are living in the midst of it. Consider for a moment the fact that Australia is currently the police state that many of the left want to see here in America, we should be even more alarmed that they are making fun of our elected leader.

    If a country that has the template of what wrong looks like is poking jokes at President Biden then what hope is left for America as long as he is in office?


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