Are There Racial Inequities in the GI Bill?


    By Straight 8 Photography

    The GI Bill has been around since 1944. Millions of veterans have had the chance to participate in the benefits offered by this bill, which was originally designed to help veterans of World War II. However, there is now liberal legislation being pushed to say that there have been racial inequities.

    It’s been over 70 years since the bill was launched. Yet, it’s taken this long for anyone to raise their hands to claim racism…and the same amount of time for politicians to respond.

    In honor of Veterans Day last week, Democratic lawmakers have decided that it’s time to pay the families of Black service members back for benefits that they were either shortchanged or denied outright.

    As Military Times reported, the local Veterans Affairs offices did not give Black World War II veterans what they deserved due to “racism and discrimination.”

    According to Jim Clyburn of South Carolina, the Representative who also serves as Democratic majority whip, “This is an opportunity for America to repair an egregious fault. Hopefully, it can also begin to lay a foundation that will help break the cycle of poverty among those people who are descendants of those who made sacrifices to preserve this democracy.”

    While it’s always important to right the wrongs, it seems that Clyburn may be a bit fanciful in his dreams of what these families will do with the money. Providing added GI benefits to those who had a Black family member serving in WWII can certainly provide a financial benefit. However, break the cycle of poverty?

    According to BLM leaders, Black members of society don’t plan for the future, only whites do. And, Black members don’t look to save money or build wealth, only whites do.

    It’s yet another reason why the Democrats seem to be all over the board with how to address racial inequality. Either people can benefit from a cash influx to get them out of poverty or they cannot. Clyburn seems to think that they can…but then again, that’s all about how much money they plan to give to each member.

    One marine by the name of Moulton said that he feels that there are Black Americans feeling the injustice today, even though it took place over 70 years ago. He commented that “restoring GI Bill benefits is one of the greatest racial justice issues of our time.”

    Of course, there’s no mention as to how this legislation will be paid for. That’s the problem with the Democrats. They want to come up with these legislative efforts without thinking about the cash flow. So, if it were up to them, they’d steal from white veterans to pay the black veterans. Because that’s what liberals of today are doing. They’ll play a racial version of Robin Hood so that they feel justified with what they are doing.

    Senator Reverend Raphael Warnock is on board with this legislation, too. He believes that there has been a trickle-down effect over the generations.

    Where does it end, though? We start with GI benefits to those who served in WWII. Then, a small percentage of those people get out of poverty. Soon, the Democrats will start calling for slavery reparations and a long list of other ways to pay the families back for the wrongs of the past.

    What about the wrongs that were passed out to other members of society? The Asians weren’t treated well when they first came to the United States. Heck, even the Irish struggled because they didn’t fit into the standards that the settlers wanted.

    If we’re going to address racial inequalities, it has to be all races, not just the one that has “Black Lives Matter” stamped all over it.

    If this bill is going to pass, they’ll have to prove that it’s going to right some of the wrongs. That, and they’ll have to figure out how to pay for it. Beyond that, we have to hope that this is enough to address the wrongdoings. Otherwise, it will be a nonstop claim that there are more wrongs that need to be fixed.


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