Liberals Go Violent at Shapiro Speech Proving How Wretched They Have Become


    By photo-denver/

    Ben Shapiro is a champion for the conservative movement that seeks to keep things regular in society. The liberal pandemic has a way of pushing things out of normality and into a state of chaos. And it takes those like Shapiro to challenge the lies and present the truth at venues around the country. And for all their patriotism, they stand open to the attacks of the Democratic Party and their staunch followers.

    Shapiro was confronted by a crowd of liberals that went on a rampage and vandalized property before the speaker ever arrived at the Florida State University. Shapiro came ready to challenge the left’s lies, and the left went on a violent vandalism spree. And somehow, their actions are supposed to be justified because they could not stand having a person exposing the lies behind the liberal agenda.

    Two groups of far-left liberals were going to march all over campus to protest the man being allowed to speak. The Student for a Democratic Society is a socialist group that wants the school never to allow Shapiro to return. They want him kicked out and not allowed to address any students in their jurisdiction. The students are afraid of opposition.

    The vandals wrote on posters promoting the event that Shapiro is a “racist” and a “misogynist.” They cannot stand up like adults and debate the man because deep inside, they know that what they stand for is dangerous and will destroy the country.

    Every group that protests the speech is also actively involved in vandalizing anything associated with the speech event. Some of the toddlers write on social media that they “tolerate fascists.” One could claim the same thing about socialism, but those people can stand a debate and know-how to voice their opinions without getting violent.

    The FSU group wants to make sure the school knows how they feel. Their statement read, “On November 15, Florida State University, FSUGOP, and YAF will host far-right media figure Ben Shapiro at the Tucker Civic Center. This is extremely concerning, as Shapiro has a long history of being violently racist, homophobic, transphobic, and xenophobic. From arguing that homosexuality should remain in the DSM as a mental illness to staunchly reinforcing strict gender binaries on all aspects of society, Shapiro has shown that he stands against true freedom of expression and that his presence is antagonistic to the LGBTQ+ community, both on and off-campus.”

    The man challenges the thinking of people that claim the illogical claims pushed by liberalism. The school also stated that “As a contributor and editor of far-right publications like Breitbart and Daily Wire, Shapiro has affirmed white supremacy by pushing back against “Critical Race Theory” (in other words, a correct telling of US History) and decrying systemic racism as a baseless belief. Shapiro is also a steadfast defender of the settler-colonial Israeli apartheid state, which has been engaged in the displacement and ethnic cleansing of Palestinians for decades.”

    Shapiro’s position on many hot topics ticks off the liberal left. They cannot stand up to the man because their beliefs are founded on feeling and not fact or science.

    The communist groups trying to get Shapiro banned represent the ideology of a demonic group of people seeking to bring about a liberal utopia built on exploiting other people. They need to vandalize and destroy anything associated with a movement that stands in their way.

    They are ticked off that Shapiro wants to make sure that the correct version of history is taught in the classrooms. Instead, the group would promote the teaching of lies as long as it got their ideology across in the classroom.

    The kind of country the Democrats want to build in America is devoid of freedom and religious conviction. They would rather destroy all the opposition and build a place based on frivolous beliefs that change with different generations. Joe Biden loves the division, and as long as he can keep the country fighting, he can continue his agenda of socializing America.


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