A National Guard Debate: Defy the Mandate or Not


    By zimmytws/shutterstock.com

    Americans want to be able to choose whether they get the COVID vaccine or not. And, considering that many have already gotten COVID and recovered, they have natural immunity. So, why bother getting the jab if it’s not really going to offer protection? For some, the jab has led to more problems…and it’s not a risk that some want to take.

    Yet, for those who serve the National Guard, the military has been clear: get the vaccination or don’t serve. This is all courtesy of the Biden administration. Apparently, they’d rather see troop levels dwindle than focus on any kind of compromise.

    Oklahoma’s National Guard has already chosen to defy the mandate.

    Wait, is that something that can be done? Apparently so since they’re doing it. Companies are doing it, too. It’s a way of telling President Biden what to do with his mandates.

    Now that Oklahoma has taken such action, more states are considering their next move. Defy or not to defy, that is really the question everyone is asking.

    Kevin Stitt, Oklahoma’s governor, wrote a letter to DOD Secretary Lloyd Austin asking for the vaccine requirement not to be enforced. He cited the desire to ensure that personal freedoms were maintained. He also expressed concern that there would be a readiness impact since it would mean discharging 800+ guardsmen in the state who have not been vaccinated and have no plans on doing so.

    Some states don’t plan on making any waves. Army Major General Thomas Carden spoke to Georgia Star News to explain “I took an oath, and I intend to do what I promised the country I would do…follow the lawful orders of the president of the United States. I’m not tracking a single injunction in the judicial branch, with respect to the military vaccination mandate. It’s cut and dry for us.”

    That means that the Georgia National Guard has made it clear that they will not be suspecting the vaccine mandate.

    Even Alabama won’t be following Oklahoma’s lead. They have said that they are “well underway” with their vaccination efforts and have every intention of following Austin’s orders.

    Most states say that there is “no change” to the vaccination mission.

    Texas National Guard offers a more non-committal response, explaining that the vaccination status of each member is a “personal matter.”

    The Department of Defense does have some serious decisions to make, though. As we get closer to the deadline, there are going to be members of the Armed Services and the National Guard who have yet to receive their vaccine. So, will the DOD decide to backtrack on the mandate, or will they force members out of the military, potentially reducing the ranks and causing issues with mission-readiness?

    The DOD is still going through the various exceptions that people have requested, either for religious or medical reasons. Once those are finished, it will make it easier to see who is still being forced to vaccinate and whether they will comply or not.

    If the DOD does say goodbye to thousands of members across the country, it will be Biden’s fault that we are not mission ready. And why is he doing this? He clearly doesn’t want to listen to the science. This is all a test to see how much he can get compliance.


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