17-Year-Old Fired for Making OK Gesture in Pic…


    By Dean Drobot/shutterstock.com

    You might not know it, but white supremacy is everywhere. Or at least, that’s what the political left wants you to believe. According to them, it’s why recent elections in Virginia, New Jersey, Texas, and now South Carolina have recently been won by the racist and hateful GOP.

    It’s also why a 17-year-old girl was just fired from a high school co-op position at a hospital in Hamilton, Ontario.

    Megan Breeze was recently rewarded with the position at Juravinski Hospital for all her hard work. And yet, in the social media post, she made announcing her newly awarded position, she apparently boasted a racist and hateful symbol.

    You know, the one where your forefinger touches your thumb while your other three fingers are stretched outward still? It’s a worldwide symbol known for “OK.” And that’s all Megan was trying to say. She was proud of herself, as well she should be, and was saying commonly and innocently that she believed she was doing ok for herself and her future.

    She told the Hamilton Spectator, “It wasn’t meant to be racist and it wouldn’t happen again. I just thought it means ‘OK.’ Like a thumbs-up sign.”

    And indeed, it does.

    Unfortunately, it has come to also be associated with white supremacy in recent decades, but more on that later.

    And so when a community member saw the photo of Megan on social media using this symbol, they reported it to the Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board. And as Megan was newly associated with their program partner Hamilton Health Sciences, the school board made sure they were notified as well.

    As the school board’s spokesman Shawn McKillop said, “The symbol, which can be interpreted as promoting hate, does not align with HWDSB’s commitment to equity and inclusion. Symbols of hate that promote racism or white supremacy ideology are not tolerated in HWDSB or anywhere in our community.”

    As a result, the school made sure to remove any and all pictures and posts of Megan with the symbol. Additionally, they also fired her from her newly endorsed co-op position before it really even began.

    So how did such a commonly used and innocent symbol come to be something that could potentially end this poor girl’s future and the lives of countless other individuals as of late?

    Well, in actuality, it started as a hoax.

    Yes, a hoax. According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, it was “concocted on the internet message board 4chan, which in addition to its well-earned reputation as a gateway to the racist ‘alt-right’ is perhaps more broadly known as the home of trolling culture.”

    As the SPLC explains, it began a simple way to “trigger liberals” into thinking that white supremacy was going on all around them, basically nothing more than a tool to rile them up and get a reaction. Unfortunately, as rare as they may be, real white supremacists, caught wind of it and began using it in earnest to supposedly signal one another.

    And so, a legend was born.

    But for someone like Megan Breeze, a high schooler still very naïve to the ways of the world and its evils, as well as to most people not fueled by political hate and rivalry, it’s just an innocent symbol for saying you or something going around you is ok.

    Hell, in today’s age, you don’t even have to knowingly be making the ill-fated symbol to get in trouble for it.

    Take the case of San Diego Gas & Electric worker Emmanuel Cafferty, for example. He happened to be driving by a Black Lives Matter rally in 2020 and, while trying to crack his knuckles while they were hanging out of his truck window, allegedly made the symbol. Unfortunately, someone read far too much into this, snapped a photo, and reported him as racist to his workplace.

    He was fired – for cracking his knuckles while driving by a group of people all too known to be offended by the least little thing.

    The now infamous case of Kyle Rittenhouse was also made worse by the allegation that the minor had used the symbol when hanging out in a bar in January while a supposedly right-wing song was playing. The allegation prompted a hearing to revoke his bail.

    I mean, seriously, do these people have nothing better to do than get offended and make a habit of ruining innocent lives?


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