Even Dems Say Lincoln Project Should Be Dead


    By Al Teich/shutterstock.com

    Whether the Democratic Party wants to realize it or not, the infamous Lincoln Project played a massive role in ensuring that former President Donald Trump didn’t get a consecutive second term. After all, that was their whole reason for existence.

    And now, with that goal accomplished, it seems their relevance, even among the liberal left, is waning to the point of nonexistence. In fact, some Democrats believe the project should be dissolved, as their fixation on all things Trump is now only hurting the leftward movement.

    According to the Lincoln Project’s website, the group was created with one main goal: to hold “accountable those who would violate their oaths to the constitution and would put others before Americans.”

    But more specifically, the site says to do that, it must first root out Trump and then “Trumpism.”

    Now, I have to admit that to some degree, they succeeded in these goals. Trump was, in fact, defeated “at the ballot box” as they wished (albeit ever so suspiciously), and the events leading up to that helped to turn many a RINO and liberal even further against our former commander in chief.

    So what now?

    They accomplished their goal, so to speak. So, what are they still doing trying to round up support and keep the dream alive for?

    Well, according to their co-founder Reed Galen, that hatred once aimed at Trump has now been shifted to the entire “Republican Party and their candidates in key states and Congressional districts.” As Florida Politics reported, Galen believes that the GOP is essentially lost without Trump. As such, now is the time to further grind them into the dirt and wipe out their agenda that he believes is so damaging to the American people.

    There’s just a slight problem with this…

    The group’s tactics are more than a bit extreme and are causing major waves on both sides of the fence.

    Take a recent planting of Lincoln Project members dressed to imitate the far-right extremists of the Charlottesville, North Carolina, violence back in 2017, for example. As Forbes reported, the group installed a crowd of these fake protesters to meet then Virginia-gubernatorial candidate, now Governor-elect Glenn Youngkin, outside his campaign bus.

    According to the Lincoln Project, Virginians needed to be reminded of what happened in 2017, that it was the Republican Party who supposedly embraced those ideas, and that Youngkin wasn’t condemning it.

    However, showing up looking like extremists and acting in a way that could and would terrorize innocent citizens is hardly the right way to handle this. And both sides agree.

    There is also the fact that the group is still so focused on their hatred of Trump that, according to Politico, “one of the organization’s most recognized members” actually welcomes “another Trump nomination on the grounds that he’d be the easiest Republican to beat in the general election.”

    Can we say Trump Derangement Syndrome much?

    I mean, seriously, at this point, no one in their right mind thinks of Trump as someone who can be “easy” to defeat. In fact, numerous Democratic political analysts and experts have warned that should Trump announce a bid for the White House in the coming years, it could be disastrous to the Democratic Party.

    As Democratic strategist and former aide to Hillary Clinton, Zac Petkanas, says, they need to “read the room” a bit. They already sound an awful lot like a broken record, still repeating those things said way back in 2016.

    Hell, even some of their own are turning against them. According to one former group official, the entire project turned out to be “utterly desperate” and “disgustingly unpatriotic.”

    Sure, they had a good run, amassing some $87 million in donations during the height of their resistance to Trump and creating more than a few viral videos, as was reported by The New York Times.

    But now that they’ve done their job, no matter how successfully, their relevance is pretty much moot.

    And everyone knows it… As the saying goes, it’s wise to quit while you’re ahead. Then again, I’d say that ship has already sailed.


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