There Goes Harris’ Chances in 2024…


    By Max Elram/

    It was assumed, in 2020, when Kamala Harris was nominated to be the vice-presidential candidate at Joe Biden’s side that she would one day be the Democratic Party’s saving grace. After all, Biden was and still is the oldest man to ever be elected as President of the United States. Should his age prevent him from doing that job at some point, it would be Harris’ job to take up where he left off and run the country.

    And at first, it seemed she had all the qualities to do so. She is young, some twenty years Biden’s junior. She had been in politics for a good while and knew the territory. And she is a die-hard liberal, voting so progressively during her time in the Senate, in fact, that she was named as the Upper House’s most leftward leaning member.

    But as you have well figured out by now, a savior, Kamala Harris, most certainly is not.

    And no, it’s not just because of her abysmal national poll numbers or her even her apparent incompetence. Instead, it has more to do with her personality and the fact that no one seems to like working with or for her.

    According to The Washington Post, Harris has been in service to the public for nearly 20 years, and for each of those years, there is at least one person willing to speak out about the woes of working for Harris.

    The Post spoke to 18 people, to be exact, all who had not so nice things to say about their time in Harris’ office, whether that be when she was San Francisco’s district attorney, Attorney General for California, Senator for California, or now Vice President of the United States.

    As one former staffer, Gil Duran, says, she is the common denominator in it all. Sure, the jobs were hard, requiring long hours, lots of traveling, constant stress from the public eye, and all the other thing expected of a high-profile office. But it wasn’t those things that ran her staffers out.

    It was her near-constant mistreatment and disrespect towards them.

    As one former staffer told The Post, “With Kamala, you have to put up with a constant amount of soul-destroying criticism and also her own lack of confidence. So you’re constantly sort of propping up a bully, and it’s not really clear why.”

    Another staffer described the office as an “abusive environment,” a not “healthy environment,” and a place where “people often feel mistreated.” She apparently burns through people and all of their energy in record fashion, leaving them burnt out and in desperate need of a change.

    As The Post explains, one reason for this is because it seems that Harris expects her staff to do pretty much everything.

    They not only have to prepare briefing materials for her but expect that she won’t dig through them to understand what’s really going on. And then, when she appears unprepared, it’s a staffer’s fault and not her own. The outlet said that staffers are often “berated” for her mistakes.

    Of course, the few willing to defend their bully of a boss, such as Harris spokeswoman Symone Sanders, say that this type of criticism is nothing short of misogynistic and racist, implying that a “double standard” exists for women like Harris who are “ambitious, powerful or simply unafraid to appear strong in public.”

    Then again, it’s important to note that Sanders is one of four who recently announced they would be leaving Harris’ employ, and after only five months of her being in office. Along with Sanders is Ashley Etienne, Harris’ chief of communications, and two others who are also heaving involved in shaping the Veep’s public image.

    Of course, Sanders says her departure has nothing to do with Harris herself or how she was treated there. Instead, she says she’s getting married in the coming year and, as such, needs time to prepare. Besides, she’s “earned a break.”

    The only other person to recently come to Harris’ defense is Sean Clegg, a former adviser to Harris when she lived and worked in California. He says that while she makes people “uncomfortable” sometimes, “if she were a man with her management style, she would have a TV show called ‘The Apprentice.’”

    Let me just say that equating a high-profile Democrat to Donald Trump probably is more of a diss than a praise.


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