Hillary Clinton Predicts What About a 2024 Trump Run?


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    As usual, failed presidential candidate and former secretary of state Hillary Clinton is still running about at the mouth about her supposedly unfair loss to former President Donald Trump in 2016. And, of course, she thinks she knows best as well as what Trump will do in the coming years.

    According to a recent interview with Today, she stated that “If I were a better person right now,” Trump will make another run for the White House in 2024. But more than that, she challenged America to recognize his possible run a “make or break” point in our history, one where we choose disinformation or truth.

    To choose disinformation, in her mind, would be to vote for Trump. Whereas voting for any Democrat would be to stand up to those “lies.”

    Now, to be clear, Clinton could be correct, at least to some degree.

    Donald Trump could indeed choose to run for US president again. After all, he’s only served one term thus far and has every right to seek out another, should the American people think he’s worthy of it.

    Besides, he has already made a few comments suggesting that he just might do that.

    When speaking of Biden’s proposed wealth tax, Trump pointed out that for most of the nation’s top 1 percent, should they want to avoid the wealth tax, it would be right in their wheelhouse to do so, either by securing some loophole or another their billions could buy or by simply moving to another country that doesn’t require such high costs. He said he had even thought of doing so himself to avoid the excessive taxes, however, did probably couldn’t run for US president while living in another country, could he?

    And according to him, he certainly has the support needed to get the Oval Office back.

    In a recent interview with “Fox & Friends,” he stated that poll numbers are at about 95 and 96 percent approval ratings in the Republican Party. Overall, with all parties included, he says “approval numbers are great,” too.

    The fact that he’s already managed to raise some $82 million in the first six months of the year, with the help of his political action committees, doesn’t hurt either. That’s more than any other presidential candidate ever, and he’s not even announced a run yet…

    If he does, Trump has made it clear that he won’t do it until after the 2022 midterm elections. In fact, he told radio host Hugh Hewitt just a short time ago that he would be making an announcement very soon after those much-anticipated elections about his future plans, whether those include a presidential run or not.

    Now, to be clear, this is a pretty wise move on his part.

    Firstly, making his plans to campaign public now would likely take a lot away from the midterms. And as it stands now, the Republican Party has much to gain come November 2, 2021, if Biden keeps messing up and Trump keeps his mouth shut.

    Secondly, such an announcement made this early and for an election that is pretty much three years away would only give his enemies that much longer to devise a plan to beat him and gather ammunition.

    Then again, there is a possibility that Trump may not run after all.

    Why? Well, as you well know, Trump has made a clear point in the last few years, since Biden began campaigning for his old seat, that Biden’s age, which makes him the oldest sitting president to date, is a weakness. And should Trump run again, he’d be nearly as old, basically making a hypocrite of himself.

    There is also the fact that, as Trump says, the Republican Party has quite a few other “very good people” who might do the job just as well, perhaps without so much controversy to boot.

    But no matter who runs for the Republican Party, one thing has been made clear over the past year, Trump’s policies work. They might have been controversial at the time, but since then, they have been seen as a form of wisdom, even by some who are reluctant to do so.

    Democrats painted his closed borders and stringent immigration laws as racist. And yet, now that they’ve all been pretty much reversed, it’s been made poignantly clear that they were the better choice by far. The same goes with his ideas on trade, COVID, policing, the oil and gas industry, etc.

    And that paints a rather grim picture for Hillary’s dreams of standing up to Trump’s “disinformation.”


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