Biden’s Favorite Way to Travel Defies His Mandates


    By Matt Smith Photographer/

    As you well know, Democratic President Joe Biden has spent the last two years or so claiming that climate change, caused by the use of fossil fuel-reliant transportation, is destroying the planet. Perhaps this is why he has flown literally millions of miles using Air Force aircraft. Or why when he recently visited the Pope in Rome, he needed an 85-vehicle motorcade to get the job done.

    Then again, throughout his political career, Biden has never shied away from the fact that his absolute favorite way to travel is via train, and more precisely, Amtrak.

    In fact, he’s mentioned the railroad giant so many times in his years in Washington that in some circles, he’s earned the nickname “Amtrak Joe.” This is, in part, due to an often-told story about a favorite Amtrak employee of his that he seems to retell at nearly every chance he gets. Since he was sworn in as our commander and chief in January of 2021, he’s told it at least four times that we know of.

    If you haven’t heard his account of the story, it’s basically one that proves that Amtrak is indeed Biden’s favorite form of travel.

    As he retold it once again in October, Biden recalls when he was vice president for Barack Obama, and it had just been announced that he had flown some 1 million miles on various Air Force aircraft. A long-time employee of Amtrak and one Biden had clearly befriended, Angelo Negri, stopped him one day while boarding and told the then Veep that he’d traveled over 2 million miles via the railroad service. So, “I don’t want to hear any more about the Air Force,” “Ang,” as Biden called him apparently said.

    Now to be clear, no one is exactly sure of the accuracy of this story. As it stands, Biden usually says that the conversation between “Ang” and himself happened in his seventh year as VP, which would have been 2015. But as RNC Research points out, Angelo “retired in 1993 and passed away in 2014.

    So if Biden did indeed have this conversation, it either wasn’t with Angelo or wasn’t when he says it was. Who knows if the mileage is right, either.

    But in any case, if the story proves anything, it’s that Amtrak has always held a special place in Biden’s life and travel preferences.

    And that’s why he may be rather shocked and certainly disappointed to learn that the company has decided to defy Biden’s wishes that all of their employees be vaccinated or else.

    As Reuters reported, Amtrak was originally all for the mandates Biden has ordered.

    While they admitted their concern about the number of employees they would lose over such a mandate, they were willing to go ahead with it and made the necessary plans to do so. In a message delivered to Congress recently, the company said that they would be forced to shut down or “temporarily reduce some train frequencies” to handle the lack of available employees.

    But then, several United States district courts ruled to block, at least temporarily, nearly all of Biden’s vaccine mandates, both for companies with over 100 employees and healthcare workers.

    And this prompted Amtrak Chief Executive Bill Flynn to “reevaluate” their options.

    As a result, the company has decided to take a less freedom-trampling route. Instead of forcing the vaccine on everyone regardless, they have offered a testing alternative to those who don’t wish to be double jabbed. Of course, they will still threaten those who would rather do neither with unpaid leave.

    But still, I have to admit it’s a step in the right direction. At least this way, people are given a choice.

    Of course, I doubt Biden and his tyranny-loving administration will see it that way. Instead, Biden will probably consider it a personal attack, as demented as his brain has become. Then again, he just as easily might not even remember that he issued such “mandates” to begin with.

    In any case, it’s yet another sign that Americans are seeing the light of freedom and are willing to defy even a supposedly favored president to keep them.


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