Rep. Adam Schiff Falsified Text He Presented to Jan 6th Committee


    Sheila Fitzgerald/

    Of all the times to lie, Rep. Schiff picked to lie while under oath about statements said during the Jan 6th protests. He doctored a visual presentation that was based around text messages sent on Jan 6, and he decided to doctor the appearance of these messages.

    Per Sean Davis of The Federalist “During a hearing Monday night on the riot at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, Adam Schiff claimed to have proof that a member of Congress texted former White House chief of staff, Mark Meadows, to instruct former Vice President Mike Pence to overturn the 2020 presidential election results. Not only did Schiff misrepresent the substance of the text message and its source, he even doctored original text messages, which were obtained and reviewed by The Federalist in their entirety.”

    This is a massive problem and goes to show even further just how worried the left is about the January 6th incident and the truth behind what happened. They refuse to accept the truth or even speak out about what factually happened. This inability, to be honest, is costing the American taxpayer tons of money in investigations, and cost lives on that day in question. The blood is not on Trump’s hands; it is on the hands of the progressive left and their disgusting tactics.

    Faking evidence is something the left has become incredibly good at doing, but thankfully the conservatives and the American people, in general, are bright enough to see what the truth is. They hear and know the real statements, and want nothing to do with the manufactured BS that comes along with these lies. For Rep. Schiff, this is just another day at the office.

    During the opening hearing of the House Intelligence Committee investigation into President Trump back in 2019, he faked a conversation between Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy. Schiff decided to claim this was just a ‘parody’ when he got caught, rather than creating a false public impression. Never mind the fact that everyone there knew better. In front of the Senate during Trump’s impeachment trial, Schiff once again made up a Trump quote to Zelenskyy.

    For a group of people who despise Donald Trump and all his supports so deeply, you would think they would have real evidence to make him look as evil as they claim he is. You would think they could prove it without embellishing the truth or outright lying about it. Somehow that seems to be impossible for them, and in turn, they are always finding new things to lie about and new things to make up concerning Trump and the rest of the conservatives.

    As these lies continue to come flowing forth from their mouths, people need to ask themselves how much they are willing to take from these horrific people we have elected to office. If a school board member lied to like this they would be kicked out or replaced in an election so fast it would make their tie spin. Yet as a country we keep reelecting trash like Rep. Schiff into office. It’s time the people know the truth about those they are putting into office, and as a country, we need to do something about it.

    As Schiff continues to try and lie his way through his political career, the American people are the ones who will suffer. With people like this deciding what our country should look like, it is impossible to plan when the entire supporting system of our Democracy (our freely elected leaders) are lying to strengthen their party. Let’s end this party over people’s mindset today!


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