America is in Crisis…So Biden Goes on Vacation



    America is in crisis. It’s obvious at every turn. Crime is skyrocketing in liberal cities because of their desire to defund the police. People are confused about how to deal with the pandemic – and the rules change based on the state they are in. And, let’s not forget about the fact that the border is still wide open, allowing thousands of illegal immigrants into the country every day – and bringing crime, fentanyl, and COVID with them.

    This is when Joe Biden needs to step up and show the country that he is the president that everyone hoped that he could be. He delivered amazing lip service to get the job. Now, it’s time that he actually shows that he’s capable of delivering.

    Unfortunately, there’s a reason why Biden’s approval ratings are in the toilet. He isn’t a good president. He isn’t capable of addressing the top concerns for America. And, get ready because his ratings are about to go through another round of flushing.

    Joe Biden has left the White House to go on vacation to Delaware.

    Well, he’s been president for nearly a year. He deserves a vacation…right?

    That would be true if this were his first vacation. The liberals loved to complain when Trump would leave to go golfing, but that was only a four-hour excursion now and again. Biden has been going on vacation for the entirety of his first year.

    As of the end of October, CNN was reporting that he had taken 35 personal trips. 108 of his first 276 days as president has been spent at either one of his homes in Delaware (he has two) or at Camp David. That’s a significant amount of time resting and relaxing for a president that hasn’t really earned that kind of time away.

    Oh, but he’s older…he needs to rest. Sorry, but he took on the role of president knowing that he’s older and that he may tire easily. It comes with the job, and there’s no rest for the weary.

    Before he headed out on vacation this time, he was asked an important question by a reporter from the New York Post. Steve Nelson asked the president about a report in Vanity Fair. Essentially, health experts offered Biden a plan back in October that would have gotten over 700 million COVID testing kits into the hands of Americans before the holiday season.

    Gee, that would have been a help. It would have meant that people could have tested before gathering with friends and family. It could have prevented some of the spread, especially as Omicron is making its way across the country.

    What happened to this amazing plan to get testing kits out before the holidays?

    White House officials said that the plan was rejected because they didn’t have the capacity.

    Yet, Biden told David Muir on ABC that he wished he had thought of putting out more test kits to address the Omicron variant.

    C’mon, man. This is like trying to have a conversation with Dory with the level of forgetfulness that we’re seeing. Biden could have gotten the test kits out – but the plan was rejected. He was even talking about testing kits back in September. He knew about it. He thought about it. He just didn’t act on it.

    When Nelson asked, though, Biden said “We didn’t reject it.”

    Hmmm, did you get a testing kit in the mail? I didn’t.

    Perhaps Biden does need this week-long vacation that he has scheduled. Maybe then, we can at least get some answers that make sense. And if a week of rest and relaxation doesn’t help him, maybe we can finally get the 25th Amendment pulled out for him.


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