Harris Mumbles and Stumbles Over Her Words


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    Vice President Kamala Harris is one person no one likes to be around. They do not like to work with her since she is rude and treats people like second-class citizens. They do not like to give her things to do because it is clear that she never completes any project. And now it seems that no one likes to talk to her because of the way she mumbles and stumbles over her own words.

    The vice president was interviewed by Craig Melvin which works with NBC News. Her bloated tongue would keep her from talking intelligently and understandable enough for people to make out what she was trying to say. But now that she has made a clown of herself, people have taken to social media to rip her up for how she represented the country and displayed how ignorantly abased the leadership has become in America.

    At one point, Melvin asked the question, “At what point does the administration say, ‘You know what? This strategy isn’t working. We’re going to change strategies.’ … Six former administration officials last week wrote that letter urging the administration to change course, to change strategy. Is it time?”

    The vice president did not even wait to think through her answer. She did not understand the question because she would yell out that “It is time for us to do what we have been doing, and that time is every day. Every day it is time for us to agree that some things and tools are available to us to slow this thing down.”

    People were supposed to understand that she was referring to the way people reacted to Biden’s divisive speech in Atlanta, Georgia. Biden is all for changing the way people are allowed to vote so his party can commit more acts of fraud and not get caught doing them.

    The mumble bumble vice president also tried to say, “If you want to figure out how to get across town to find some restaurant you heard is great, you usually ‘do Google’ to figure out where it is. … So that’s simply about giving people, right, a mechanism by which they can locate something that they need, something that can help them.”

    Her response had nothing to do with what Melvin had asked her. The reality of where she was located had not sunk in because she was confused and disoriented in what she was trying to say. Her brain was stuck somewhere between there and Washington.

    Melvin went on to ask about something in the future, and Harris could not change her thinking from the previous topic to the new one. All she could do was apologize and tell Melvin that she thought they were talking about something that happened that very day.

    Harris kept taking Melvin in a vicious circle of pointless conversations. She sounded like a little kid trying to explain to her teacher why the dog ate her homework Ben Shapiro would allude about. If one did not know any better, they would think she was drunk with alcohol.

    Kamala Harris is not qualified to sit in the vice president’s chair. And for her to be even considered for the president’s office is beyond belief. Other people that would blast her for being ignorant would be Michael Knowles wondering why she was even in politics, let alone made it as far as she had with a mouth like hers.

    The Democrats had put their best foot forward in 2020 only to come up with Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. The only way such ignorant people could ever win an election was for their party to cheat and destroy the election process.

    Melvin also tried to ask her about the 500 million rapid tests set to be released for public use, and all she could allude to is sometime next week. She did not even know when which is a signal that Biden no longer talks with her about such things. Melvin would point out that his sources stated that the manufacturers were not even sure when they could create that many new tests. Kamala Harris is a liar and cannot ever answer truthfully simple questions. Nothing she says makes sense.


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