Sen. Cotton: “Biden Bears a Lot of the Blame” for Ukraine Situation



    Republican Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas is not happy with the situation in Ukraine. Like many Americans, he can connect the dots between the actions of Russia and the lack of action from the Biden administration. While appearing on the “Sunday Morning Futures” show Sen. Cotton told host Maria Bartiromo exactly how he sees the situation, and for anyone in the Biden camp, it is not pretty.

    That’s what Vladimir Putin has always wanted so why is it now that he’s put more than a hundred thousand troops on the border? There, I think, President Biden bears a lot of the blame…For a year he has been appeasing Vladimir Putin. He gave him a very one-sided nuclear arms control treaty the very first month of his presidency. He removed sanctions from the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline from Russia to Germany which his own party opposed. He really did nothing about the colonial pipeline hack and then in August, Vladimir Putin, like the rest of the world saw Joe Biden’s debacle in Afghanistan.”

    Sen. Cotton is nailing this home perfectly. President Biden bears a lot of the blame at a minimum. It could be argued that he has most of the blame. Given Hunter Biden’s now failed Ukrainian deals, an argument could be made that he is leaving them vulnerable because of the gravy train coming to a stop. Records indicated that he was receiving financial benefits from Hunter’s deal, and it’s not outside the realm of possibility for him to feel bitter about having that come to an end.

    Putin has been complaining about US and NATO presence near Russia and the lands of the past USSR. It seems as if he is trying to gear up for a return of the USSR under his control. This would be a critical mistake for the US, NATO, and the rest of the globe to allow this. Even in a small part, given the push by China to show that it is growing up, the return of the USSR would potentially find them as partners to challenge for global domination.

    This is not a battle we want. Nobody wants war, and especially not with Russia. They have a large standing military and a President who would ride into battle with them tomorrow. Ours won’t even watch a dignified transfer without looking at his watch like he has better things to do. He doesn’t lead, he bosses people around, but without a clue. He’s already allowing Russia to run around unchecked, and he is giving them everything they want, so maybe we won’t even get a battle with Russia. He’ll just sacrifice Ukraine.

    Should he do that, every other nation nearby needs to be on preemptive guard. This is not a situation most people around the globe want to see, and it could become a reality very soon. Unfortunately, President Biden’s lack of prevention and his historic failure at withdrawing from Afghanistan is doing nothing but empowering Putting and other leaders around the world to believe that they now have free reign to do as they please.

    Many powerful countries across the globe restrain themselves from attacking rivals or smaller countries on a daily basis simply because of the fallout. Israel and Jordan are not in an all-out war just because of what the allies of each country would do. North and South Korea are only at a cease-fire because American and other NATO presence in the area keep the North from deciding today is a good day for blood.

    Allowing Russia to do what they want without serious ramifications will be sending the globe the wrong signal. It won’t fix any problems, rather it will just serve to strengthen the resolve of those who seek armed conflict for power. If Biden doesn’t hear the pop soon WWIII or another 20-year war might be on the horizon.


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