Bad Boy Biden and Pushy Psaki Blaming the Cows for Inflated Prices


    Joe Biden will tell his people to say anything to hide that he is responsible for the inflated prices hurting the nation. He refuses to admit that his wrecked policies have led to millions losing their jobs and record-setting inflation rates. These two issues are set to harm the economy for years to come. And the only thing that the old man and his White House Press Secretary Jenn Psaki can do is blame everyone else.

    Jen Psaki has been caught telling far-fetched stories before. She does not have it within herself to tell the truth of what is happening in the White House, so she must venture out and tell fables to cover the atrocities being committed by her old boss.

    Her latest fable takes root in the meat industry, where inflation has gone out of control. Psaki has said that the higher meat prices are because the meatpacking companies are raising prices, hoping to gain massive amounts of money from consumers. And when asked about the higher meat prices, all she can do is blame the cows.

    Consumer prices are up and approaching 10 percent. Each time a consumer heads to the store, their bill is just a little more. And with the pandemic being stretched out by Biden and his Democratic friends, Americans are struggling to pay their bills each month.

    Federal spending and terrible policies with money have led to increased prices. Biden would rather ignore that the inflation rate took off when his first socialist-packed bill made its way to his desk. The Democrats all think that money grows on the American tree, and it must be theirs to pick and spend it all.

    Naughty Jen Psaki stated that “Just four large conglomerates control the majority of the market for beef, pork, and poultry products, and the data show … that there have been increases in meat prices while the companies have generated recent record profits.” The profits she is talking about are not stealing from the consumer but rather because of good business sense. They have made changes with how they are dealing with Biden’s inflation. But it still hurts the company to see their products being priced right out of the market.

    Psaki tried to claim that ranchers are getting ripped off as well. She tried to compare the economy of a few decades ago to current issues. But with Joe Biden in the White House, nothing can be used to compare his destruction since it is one of a kind. Biden’s bad economic policies lead to lower meat prices for the rancher and higher prices at the store. But it does not mean that the middleman is why prices are out of control.

    The nutty press secretary tried to make it seem that a meat monopoly has been created. She tried to pass off that there was no competition on the market, which could not be further from the truth.

    Even Elizabeth Warren, who is another Biden lover, weighed in and tried to pass along the same lie by stating, “The heavily concentrated poultry industry, in which the top four companies (Tyson Foods, Inc. (Tyson), Pilgrim’s Pride, Perdue, and Sanderson Farms) control over half of the market, has seen disproportionate price increases this year. In May 2021, processed-poultry prices jumped to an all-time high, with consumer prices continuing to increase through October. And with the holidays approaching, American families are feeling these price increases at the grocery counter.”

    Those all-time high prices are because the president thinks he can pass expensive bills without having the money in the bank first. He thought he could look inside personal bank accounts and determine how much he could take and get away with. But no one was about to stand for that level of privacy invasion.

    Biden’s inflation is eating away at the wealth of America. Inflation is why so many other communist and socialist nations have failed in recent years. No level of Democratic wishing will ever make the anti-American system of government work. Biden is on a one-way path to destruction, and it will be up to the voter to stop the madness.


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