Pedophile Sr FB Exec Gets Nabbed in Hotel Room Expecting to Meet 13-Year-Old Boy


    To the ordinary person, Facebook is a platform for posting funny memes and keeping up with friends and family. To a pedophile, it’s a sacred hunting ground where it’s always open season. They reel their victims in with the allure of a romantic encounter with an older more mature person who understands their needs and desires. In a twisted sort of way, they become somewhat of a parental figure who will care for, protect, and love them at the expense of defiling their youthful bodies, and in many cases, destroying them for life. 

    A senior Facebook executive, 35-year-old Jeren Miles, served in the role of data center community development manager. In his behind-the-scenes role, Miles felt safe and comfy with his own activity on FB. He often worked at night where he would search through profiles within his region for his next victim. He liked them young and he had an uncontrollable obsession for innocent boys.

    Not all vigilante groups consist of tattooed radicals on a mission to overthrow a fascist government. Some are made up of everyday folks with a good cause. Predator Catchers Indianapolis (PCI) is one such group that has taken it upon itself to rid the internet of perverted child molesters. 

    Miles had made contact with a 13-year-old boy named Corey and the two had become fairly chummy online. They had completed the light frivolity and introductory chapters of their relationship and had moved on to the nitty-gritty of what they both wanted from one another, which far exceeded the bounds of a simple friendship.

    The two finally decided they’d reached the ‘let’s do this thing’ phase so Miles rented a hotel room in Columbus, Ohio where he planned on making a man out of the boy. He’d already let Corey know via text messages that he wanted to “suck him and have naked cuddles.” He made sure the boy understood his full intent by telling him “I won’t have any restraint if I’m horny.”

    Miles’s mood was quickly killed when he opened the hotel room door only to find two fully grown adults waiting for him. A man and a woman from PCI with the collective handle of Corey. The 13-year-old object of Miles’s lewd affection did not exist. 

    Not being cops they couldn’t arrest Miles, so they did the next best thing. They made him famous. Nobody knows and nobody is asking how the team got Miles to confess his sinful ways while they recording his apologetic blubbering. Everyone is sorry when they’re caught. PCI had no reluctance in immediately posting the video on a couple of platforms, including Corey’s fake page on FB page, and it went viral.

    The ordeal began with a simple private message from Miles to Corey that said, “Hey there, do we know each other?” Corey immediately let Miles know that he was only 13 but it didn’t stop the wretched pervert from pressing forward and slowly leading the boy towards more promiscuous conversations. 

    He told the boy who he was and where he worked to convince him he was in a “safe space” and need not worry about texting with him. Nobody would know. As Corey began showing greater interest in meeting up with him Miles decided to seal the deal by texting, “I like sweet cuddles…but I also like to bend a boy over and pound him while he calls me daddy.”

    Of course, Miles no longer has his plush six-figure job but he also remains a free but disgraced man. Even with the hardest of hardcore evidence against the guy, all the couple had the authority to do was what they did. Some people say PCI might have sorta-kinda crossed the ethical line but even if that truly is the case, we can only hope they and others like them keep crossing it.


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