Democrats Fail Yet Again to Stop Pro-Life Bill in Florida


    The fight for life has never been more critical than right now. The Democrats have killed millions of unborn children because they do not have the value for life that conservatives do. Every time the issue of abortion comes up, they fight to the very end to make sure that they can keep right on murdering the smallest of souls.

    Republican states are moving quickly to pass laws that will uphold the value of life the best way they can. The latest state to protect life is the state of Florida. The Senate seeks to pass a bill that protects life from 15-weeks forward. But the nasty Democrats have tried to block the bill and keep it from becoming law.

    The murderous Democrats loaded up 13 amendments to the bill. They wanted to ensure that they got all of their poison added to the bill.

    Christina Pushaw is the spokeswoman for the governor’s office. She spoke with the Daily Wire, “The governor supports pro-life legislation and is not responding to outcry from pro-abortion activists. The bottom line is that they’re demanding abortion after 15 weeks, which is when the fetus can already feel pain and is near viability; babies born as early as 20 weeks have survived.”

    The baby can feel pain at an early age. And some try to state at what age the baby can feel the pain. But no one can truly understand the unborn’s horrors when poisoned to death or torn asunder by murderous liberals. They know that something is hurting them, and they cannot cry out for help.

    The bill falls short because a person can abort a baby because of a physical handicap or the mother’s life is at risk. The liberals believe that the baby must die if it will be different or poses harm to the mother. But there is no consideration for the life of the baby. The only one that can protect the baby at that point is the mother.

    Senator Kelli Stargel does not subscribe to the notion that the baby should die in certain circumstances. Stargell sponsored the bill and stated that it is not right that any “child should be killed because of the circumstances in which it was conceived. An innocent baby should not pay the ultimate price for a crime they did not commit.”

    The sad part of the fight is that those that support abortion are waiting on the sidelines, ready to grieve for when their so-called right to murder is taken away. The Supreme Court is dealing with a case from Mississippi that bans abortion after 15 weeks. Murder supporters think that they should be able to abort a child at any stage of development. And they are going to fight to make sure it happens.

    The Democrats are scared to death that Roe v. Wade will be overturned. They fear that it will get to be born once a baby is conceived. The liberals hate having a baby because they view it as an inconvenience instead of a blessing. But the truth is that a baby is a blessing and deserves every right to live as any other American. And it is not up to the Democrats to determine which American gets to live and which one gets to die.

    The amendments that the liberals wanted to include in the bill essentially were about the father’s role. One wanted the father to start paying his part of child support at the 15-week mark before birth. His thrust falls short because he assumes that all fathers do not want to be part of the child’s life. It is a moot point to force all men to start paying for things since most of them stand by their families.


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