Russia Uses Democratic Strategy to Try to Shift Blame to the Victim


    Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is anything but acceptable. Many of Vladimir Putin’s tactics have been illegal at best. The Russian military has committed several unacceptable acts of behavior during a time of war. Their disdain for innocent civilians and children is consistent with a nation seeking to obliterate another country. Putin could care less about the people he is killing in his quest for power.

    Russia is just looking for a way to get its campaign back on target. Putin thought that the fight would be easy and swift. But what he found was a people willing to fight to the very end. The Ukrainian people are not just going to let their northern neighbors march in and take whatever material they want from them.

    Putin came up with a plan that rings loud and clear with the Democratic Party. He decided to create a fake story about how the Ukrainian people were determined to develop and use chemical weapons against their aggressors. A false story of chemical weapons would give him the reason to deploy his chemical weapons, putting his campaign back on track.

    One expert within Joe Biden’s administration stated, ” We believe that we should be on the lookout for Russia to possibly use chemical or biological weapons.” The Russian military has already destroyed a maternity hospital and killed many babies, so nothing is stopping them from unleashing a ton of chemicals on people to help exterminate them all.

    The absence of conscience within Putin is alarming. His desire to murder people all to control more territory matches how the Democrats think. They look for and invest in stories that they can use to justify nasty behaviors and actions. And they certainly do not care who they hurt in the process.

    The Ukrainian people did not ask for the war. They woke up one morning and found Russian tanks moving down their streets. In what is being called a “false-flag operation,” Russia is making up stories to justify its heinous actions.

    Igor Konashenkov is the spokesman for the Russian Defense Ministry. He made it sound that the Ukrainian people were provoking Russia into a chemical war. He makes it sound like the victims are the ones that started the war with Russia. His statement is another typical ploy used by the Democrats to make the victim look like the aggressor.

    The exciting part about the claim is that the Chinese have ramped up their rhetoric to match what the Russians claim. Joe Biden has a choice to make at this point: to agree with Putin or align himself with the Ukrainian people.

    Biden needs and desires a robust eastern continent to try and move America to a socialist-run nation. On camera, the old man will have Jen Psaki state that the claims from Russia are fake. But when it comes right down to what the president believes, he will support Putin off camera.

    Psaki stated, “To be clear: this is preposterous, we should all be on the lookout for Russia to possibly use chemical or biological weapons in Ukraine or create a false-flag operation using them. It’s a clear pattern, and no one should fall for it.”

    Russia is notorious for waving the white flag to get ahead in the war. They wave the white flag to get people to let their guard down, then attack. NBCNews found and reported that “Russia’s Defense Ministry said Wednesday that Ukrainians in the small city of Zolochiv brought in over 80 tons of ammonia and are teaching people in the area how to act correctly after a chemical attack. The Russians provided no evidence of chemical weapons.”

    The burden of proof is not in Russia’s court. The Ukrainians are the ones that must prove they are not using chemical weapons. But Russia needs to be treated with skepticism. They have learned to lie like the Democrats.


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