U.S. Intelligence Shows Iran Threats on U.S. Soil


    The United States had four years of peace under the leadership of Donald Trump. But as soon as Joe Biden stepped into the office that he did not want the rightful win, the world turned upside down.

    Biden’s first thing was to repeal all of Trump’s work to secure America and make it great, which opened the floodgates for rogue nations ruled by evil people to start looking for ways to invade and destroy those around them.

    Biden never thought that some of those nations might want to target the United States. After all, America has been the sole force that has kept the peace for decades. These rogue nations have longed for the day that they could take revenge on America and make the people suffer for wanting to live in a peaceful world.

    The latest threat America is facing is coming from Iran. It has been determined that the rogue nation can attack America through direct access and proxy means. The evil rules in Iran are working in the shadows to create a system of terror within America. And they are gaining ground because old man Biden refuses to acknowledge that it exists.

    Joe Biden thinks that he has to navigate cautiously around Iranian interests. He thinks that he is making progress with Iran just because he yielded and returned to the nuclear negotiations table. The only progress he is making is bowing to their demands. And while he thinks he is making reasonable efforts, the Iranian government is setting up its terror network on American soil. Biden thinks that he is powerless to stop it from happening for some strange reason.

    The United States Intelligence Agency has had to assign security to Mike Pompeo and Brian Hook because of the threats coming at them from Iranian sources. These men directly dealt with Iran and put them under Trump’s boot. These men brought Iran to its knees, and at least for a few years, the Iranian region was at peace. Several officials noted that Iran is the source of the threats.

    Weak Biden is the reason why these threats are real. In one instance, The FBI stopped Iran from taking journalist Maseh Alinejad. And that is not to forget that Iran is now threatening other United States officials with harm.

    Iran is ticked off because their crazy general Qasem Soleimani was assassinated a few years ago. The Iranian leaders were so cocky and over-confident that no one could touch them that they were making threats and attacking people around the region. Donald Trump mobilized his team and took out the evil leader. His death was an embarrassment to the Iranian dictators but a breath of fresh air to the rest of the world.

    In another twist of Biden-induced terror Antony Blinken, the Secretary of State refused to answer a question regarding Biden addressing Iran over their threats. He could state that “We will stand and act against those every single day.”

    Silly Blinken has revealed that Iran has all it needs to make its nuclear bomb. Biden thinks he can negotiate with Iran to stop making its bomb if the sanctions are removed. But the same agreement was in place when Barack Obama was president. Iran never honored that agreement because they kept making their material for the bomb.

    Donald Trump pulled America out of the deal and put the boot on Iran. It was not until Joe Biden got into office that Iran was able to start making its nuclear weapons again.

    Blinken sounded tough when he stated, “We were very clear when we were in the deal originally that nothing about the deal prevents us from taking action against Iran when it’s engaged in actions that threaten us, threaten our allies and partners. That will very much continue.” Those words sound harsh, but everyone already knows that Joe Biden will not take action against any other nation. He is too weak of a president to engage in such activities.


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