Chris Cuomo Sues Over “Unlawful” Move by CNN


    The Cuomo brothers are as crooked as any one person can be. Andrew Cuomo is addicted to sexual conduct, and his brother, Chris Cuomo, is wrapped up in one scandal after another. The duo cannot seem to tell wrong from right. And what makes things even more ridiculous is that Chris Cuomo thinks he deserves compensation for being fired from CNN for his misconduct and involvement in things that he should have never done.

    Chris Cuomo wants someone to pay $125 million because he is suffering the consequences of his actions. The new personality thought he could advise his brother on matters he should have just kept his mouth shut. And now that he is bearing the brunt of his actions, he is hurt and wants money to make it all feel better.

    Cuomo was not the only nasty person to be fired from CNN. CNN Chief Jeff Zucker and Allison Gollust, Zucker’s aid, were fired.

    The funny part is that Zucker was the one who got rid of Cuomo after he was found aiding his brother and giving pointers on how to handle all of the sexual misconduct accusations against him.

    Bryan Freedman is the lawyer for Cuomo. He stated that “It should be obvious by now that Chris Cuomo did not lie to CNN about helping his brother. In fact, as the limited information released from Warner Media’s investigation makes clear, CNN’s highest-level executives not only knew about Chris’ involvement in helping his brother but also actively assisted the governor, both through Chris and directly themselves.”

    The Democrats and their television personalities are all crooked. They seek to do things that benefit themselves, and if they get caught, they are willing to lie about everything and blame others for their misconduct. Christ Cuomo was found involved in unethical behavior and was fired for it. And now he wants someone else to pay for his crimes by giving him $125 million over it.

    Chris Cuomo had the chance to perform nine interviews for his brother during the pandemic days. The policy was that the brothers are not together on the news but that a non-family member performs interviews. But the times allowed the two brothers to sit across from each other and exchange words of affirmation while on national television.

    Both Cuomo’s took out their righteousness and wore it proudly as they supposedly refused to speak on television with each other. But when they spoke, there was disdain over the moment because they both enjoyed it. Cuomo continues to insist that he objected to himself interviewing his brother.

    When the truth comes out, people see that Zucker and Gollust saw a change for the network to capitalize on Andrew Cuomo and the governor’s office. They all deliberately used the pandemic to get CNN’s ratings to go up while all the others would go down. But the part they did not count on was being fired for taking an unethical path.

    Chris Cuomo’s lawyer stated that “Network standards were changed in a calculated decision to boost ratings. When those practices were called into question, Chris was made the scapegoat.” Cuomo is not the victim because he is the one that committed the crime willingly to assist his brother with his fight against a dozen or more accusations of sexual misconduct while in office.

    And if Cuomo’s whiny actions were not enough, he also had to complain that two other people at CNN never had their wrists slapped for things they had done in the past. If he is going down, then everyone else around him is coming with him.

    Chris Cuomo has to grips with the truth that crime does not pay. He offered advice to a politician, interviewed his brother against company policy, and now seeks damages for crimes he has committed. His punishment and banishment from the networking world is a blessing to those that had the stomach to listen to his lies.


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