GOP-Led States Fight to Protect Women’s Sports (Biological Women, That Is)


    In a country where Joe Biden promised unity, there’s an issue that’s dividing people right down the middle. It has nothing to do with politics. Instead, it has everything to do with the way in which gender is identified.

    Democrats – and more specifically, far-left liberals – would love to claim that a woman is anyone who identifies as such. Forget about biology. Forget about the chemical make-up. If a person says, “I’m a woman,” then, well, they’re a woman.

    Not so fast. That’s not the way that works. Biological men are different from biological women in many ways. And there are not enough hormone-blocking chemicals in the world to change that.

    It’s why the GOP feels as though they have to protect biological women who are involved in women’s sports. The way in which women’s sports are evolving is unfair to every woman who has ever worked her butt off in order to compete at the top of her game.

    As more men are deciding that they identify as women so that they can get ahead in the game, there’s a troubling issue. Biological women are no longer placing first. They’re no longer winning scholarships. They’re no longer being invited to compete in state and national competitions. Instead, those scholarships and invitations are going to “women” who are actually biological males.

    This isn’t about blocking transgenders. It’s about true fairness and equality. There’s no such issue when women who identify as men go to play a sport because they cannot take away from biological men.

    What’s happening across collegiate sports and beyond is not fair – and in many instances, it isn’t even safe. Suddenly, women have to worry about whether a biological male is really identifying as a woman or if they are doing it to be a sexual predator. Some sports teams are even allowing men to play in women’s sports without any kind of hormone-blocking therapy. Simply saying that they identify as the opposite sex is good enough.

    Liberals would love to allow it. They claim that it’s about equality. And they claim that anyone who has a problem with it is homophobic.

    It seems that the only ones capable of rational thought around the issue are the GOP. It’s why GOP-led states are fighting hard to protect women’s sports so that only biological women are competing.

    Florida, Texas, Utah, Oklahoma, and many other GOP-led states have drawn a line in the sand. They’re even willing to fight with liberal legislators and governors to make sure that women (biological women) are truly protected.

    States are stepping up to do what’s right – even as the liberals try to pull a fast one.

    Utah even had to override its governor’s veto just to be able to protect women’s rights in sports.

    The bans and the legislation vary slightly by state. In Arizona, the ban would protect public schools and colleges – as well as private institutions when they compete against public schools. Now, there are plenty of “co-ed” sports where men and women can compete together. The ruling applies for sports and teams that are strictly designated for women.

    Many of the bills focus on studies that confirm that there are biological differences between men and women – differences that the Democrats want to pretend don’t exist. Some of the differences include cardio endurance, muscular endurance, muscular strength, and more. Testosterone, a hormone that is found more heavily in men, also gives them a greater edge – even after years of testosterone suppression.

    The ”Save Women’s Sports Act” is appearing in more and more GOP states. If it hasn’t shown up in your state, it’s only a matter of time. After all, we have to protect women’s sports, or they’ll be gone forever.


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