Barack Obama and Hunter Biden Forever Linked in Time Is Music to Republican Ears


    The Democratic Party has a lot to hide as they all seek to protect themselves from being exposed as frauds and criminals. Their quick rise in wealth and desire for serious power leads to speculation that their activities are illegal and full of fraudulent activities.

    The Republican Party knows that they must keep a watchful eye on the liberals. Failure to do so can result in great injustices taking place. Once such action happened while Barack Obama was president and involved Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden.

    The Republicans seek records of communication between father and son and the White House. Some of the Republicans put together a letter stating that they want to see all the records that deal with Hunter Biden and Barack Obama’s White House administration. They are looking for any communication involving the former president and the illegal actions of his vice president and his crooked son.

    The Republicans stated in the letter that “Hunter Biden’s connections throughout the Russian sphere of influence have now become especially relevant in the fast-moving and developing Russian war in Ukraine. Hunter Biden’s dealings have not gone unnoticed, and a Department of Justice (DOJ) probe begun under the Obama Administration has expanded to include a wide variety of potential violations and crimes. According to the New York Times, Hunter Biden is currently under investigation by DOJ for possible violations of the Foreign Agents Registration Act and possible criminal tax evasion and money laundering.”

    The letter went on to point out that “Given Hunter Biden’s foreign business relationships in Ukraine and Russia and the current international landscape, we are concerned about whether Hunter Biden continues to profit off his status as President Biden’s son as well as whether foreign adversaries may be attempting to exploit questionable business dealings. The fact that nothing has been done to investigate the matter leads the conservative party to believe that the crooked son is still making his money off of his father’s name. NARA may possess documents relevant to this investigation from then-Vice President Biden’s tenure.”

    The Democrats love to try and set themselves up to profit off of the misfortunes of others. It would be right up Hunter Biden’s alley to sit back and make money off the war because he connected to forces within Russia and Ukraine. And what the Republicans want to know is he is still using his daddy’s name to make his millions.

    There is no doubt that Joe Biden is a liar. He lied during his campaign about wanting to unite the country and provide things for people, which he still has never honored. There is no reason to believe the old man regarding his involvement with his son’s business deals. The Democrats are going to great lengths to protect the president and his family from suffering the long-awaited fate of prison time.

    The Republicans want all the communications from Obama’s White House and anyone remotely related to the vice president and his family. They want to see how it could have come to pass that Obama was supposedly clueless regarding the activities of his underling and his son. Obama is not as innocent as he may let on since it would have been impossible not to know about the Biden and their activities with a foreign power.

    Those who support Joe Biden and his former boss Barack Obama claim that they are innocent of doing any wrong. They claim that every piece of communication does not show any wrongdoing on the part of the men in question.

    But their word is not good enough for the Republican Party. They want to see the proof. They want to see the communications and make that determination for themselves. And given the track record of lies that the liberals love to tell, the records will only show that they are telling the truth or telling more lies.


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