Biden Wants to Clear Out GITMO…He’s Freeing 9/11 Terrorists so They Can Strike Again


    Thanks to Joe Biden the number of hopeful refugees stampeding the U.S./Mexico border is at an all-time time. They’re coming from all over the world, including Russia. But Biden has other things on his mind. While the tired and hungry immigrants are trying to scratch and claw their way into the custody of a U.S. border control facility, some foreigners already in U.S custody are being sent back from where they came. But it isn’t what you think.

    The Biden administration, so as not to cause mass hysteria, has been one by one periodically releasing the world’s most feared terrorists being held at Guantanamo Naval Air Station in Cuba, affectionately known as GITMO. All of the prisoners were/are being held for violent crimes against the U.S., including the planning of 9/11 which took the lives of 2,996 Americans.

    The latest plane ticket home was awarded to Sufiyan Barhoumi from Algeria for his good behavior over the past 20 years in GITMO. Barhoumi was arrested for helping to plan a massive bomb attack at an undisclosed U.S. location, but after getting to know his captors better he’s terribly sorry so it probably won’t happen again. Who in their right mind believes this?

    Last month, known as the “20th hijacker,” Mohammad Mani Ahmad al-Qahtani, was sprung. His hands are still dripping with the blood from 9/11. The Biden administration said the cold-blooded killer is no longer a threat and Saudi Arabia agreed to take him back under the condition he seek mental health treatment upon his arrival. Sounds fair… 

    Five more GITMO detainees are slated to be released but there’s nowhere to send them to. No other nations want them. Though Moath al-Alwi and Zuhail al-Sharabi from Yemen, and Mohammed Abdul Malik Bajabu along with two others from Kenya have never been charged, they’re all bad news. 

    Only 37 detainees remain in GITMO of the original 780 who were captured.  George W. Bush released 540 of them when it was proven they had nothing to do with anything, but this was shortly after 9/11 once it was determined “who ‘done’ it.” 

    Obama, on the other hand, for poops and giggles let another 200 go free. Trump wasn’t quite as easy on the detainees and it took an act of Congress to let only one of them go during his term. To him, the Muslim terrorists weren’t worth wasting his valuable time.

    In Barhoumi’s case, it took some slick double-talking to get Algeria to agree to take him back. The DoD said, “The United States appreciates the willingness of Algeria, and other partners to support ongoing U.S. efforts toward a deliberate and thorough process focused on responsibly reducing the detainee population and ultimately closing [sic] of the Guantanamo Bay facility.”

    Like strays at an animal shelter, the remaining detainees are the mutts of society. Even if they were previously working for a terrorist group, that group is long gone and whatever they were fighting for is no longer a viable cause. In addition, regime changes and changing political tides have labeled them as washed-up old men of no value. 

    If the remaining detainees really are of no further threat to anyone, it also means that they’re no longer the U.S.s problem. Who cares where they end up as long as it isn’t here, which rest assured, it won’t be.

    Maybe we should just open the gates and let the remaining detainees fend for themselves. Once they’re escorted off of the Naval air station they’ll be on Cuba’s turf anyway. 

    It’s best at this point to not consider what might happen if any of the detainees being released still hold a grudge against the U.S., or if the power any of them still wield is being critically underestimated. Time will surely tell. Count on it.


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