Biden Has A New Woke Direction for US Military


    If you hadn’t heard, the US Military is going woke. There is now some sort of sensitivity training for just about everything, from politics and religion to gender identity and racism. Meanwhile, combat readiness and skills training has been put on the back burner.

    But in addition, Democratic President Joe Biden and his ilk would like to move even more leftward – and that means making the US military “climate-friendly.”

    The announcement came on Earth Day, as Biden spoke to crowds in Seward Park located in Seattle, Washington, on Friday.

    As you can imagine, there was much talk on such a day about making changes that will positively affect our planet and climate and not hurt them. Naturally, this includes Biden’s apparently wishes to eliminate fossil fuel use in the US and turn to other energy sources.

    And so, it could come as no surprise that Biden’s next plan is to make “EVERY vehicle in the United States military… climate-friendly.”

    I assume here that he is talking about going electric, as he has suggested that Americans of all walks of life do in recent months, particularly as gas prices and inflation have continued to rise.

    While it’s a noble goal, to be sure, it is simply impractical – at least at this point in time.

    I don’t know if you’ve had the interesting pleasure of either driving or even checking out an electric vehicle. But let me tell you something, they aren’t exactly all they are cracked up to be.

    For starters, as with anything with a battery, electric vehicles need to be charged regularly, which according to even the best EV companies on the market, can take hours and hours. Tell me, when a military troop or platoon in the Iraqi desert is in the middle of a firefight, which often happens on the move, how is it feasible for them to stop to charge their vehicles for hours at a time?

    I might also ask where they would charge those vehicles, as it’s not like charging stations are really anywhere there or in the usually remote mountains of Afghanistan.

    Another problem is that while electric motors have indeed come a very long way over the years, they still pale compared to their combustion counterparts. For starters, they are slower. I mean, there is a reason that NASCAR has said should they create an EV series, they will have to come up with creative ways to make those races more entertaining, as the sheer speed and noise that usually gets the crowds riled up are pretty much non-existent.

    And while military vehicles are not nearly as fast as Indy cars, they are expected to be able to move at a pretty good clip. How else are they to outrun our enemies?

    Secondly, the engines are lighter and not nearly as robust. This means that they aren’t exactly the most ideal fit for vehicles that are intended to be outfitted with thousands of pounds of armor plating, weapons, and military equipment.

    They also aren’t nearly as reliable in less than ideal weather conditions. I mean, have you ever seen a Prius try to make it up a snow-covered hill? Let’s just say it doesn’t. The engine literally doesn’t have enough oomph to do it.

    Then there is also the fact that, like all batteries, the ones in these engines will eventually need to be replaced. And they aren’t exactly cheap or environmentally friendly to acquire. I’m talking about mining in remote sectors of the globe for a metal that is already very limited—and then spending millions to make it into something worthwhile.

    Speaking of spending money… In his speech on Friday, Biden admitted that it would cost the American people “billions” to transform US military vehicles into what he envisions. But, of course, that’s one of his favorite past times, wasting our tax dollars on woke ideas that only hurt us in the end.

    Then again, this is the same man who believes that climate change is more of a “maximum threat and urgency” than the actions of either Putin or China.

    As I said, it would be great if we could one day eliminate putting more pollutants into our atmosphere and solely rely on something “greener.” But that day is clearly not today and probably won’t be seen in the next few years either. And for Biden to insist otherwise is one reason he shouldn’t be trusted with our nation.


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