Democratic Mayor Demands Rebellion over Imaginary Circumstances


    Lori Lightfoot is the Democratic Mayor of Chicago, Illinois. Her liberal outlook on how she conducts her affairs has led to high crime rates and immense suffering for the people living within the city limits. She does not trust anyone she sees as an obstacle to her socialist agenda. She views all white males as her enemy and will not converse with anyone that does not have a pinch of color in their skin.

    The Democratic Party cries over words spoken that they feel hurt their feelings. They are quick to condemn and demand people apologize for their mouths. But when they speak the exact swelling words of hatred, they never apologize or see anything wrong with their mouths. Their double standard and hypocrisy make people sick and cost them votes in the midterm elections.

    Lori Lightfoot is just one of many Democrats who have called for acts of violence to get their way. She Tweeted that “To my friends in the LGBTQ+ community. The Supreme Court is coming for us next. This moment has to be a call to arms. We will not surrender our rights without a fight-a fight to victory!” She essentially called for her voters to take up arms and prepare to go to war if the Supreme Court does not rule the way the liberals demand. And her call to arms is laced with speculation as she thinks the court is a brute squad looking for their next victims.

    Lightfoot wants people to go and attack the Supreme Court Justices. They hate the fact that Republicans control the court. The liberals would be singing a different tune if the Democrats controlled the court. There certainly would not be any threats of violence being tossed around because the Republican Party does not act like spoiled brats when it comes time to do the job they were elected to do.

    RedState reported that “Definitionally, a ‘call to arms’ has a very specific meaning. ‘Arms’ means weapons, and Lightfoot is calling to use them to enact a political outcome. There’s a word for that, too, but no doubt the Chicago mayor will claim she meant her tweets in the most peaceful way possible. That makes no sense, though, given the language used, but that will be the excuse, and that’s if the media even press her to give one.”

    There is no possible way that Lori Lightfoot can explain away the meaning of her word. She carefully chose her vocabulary to send a very threatening and subtle message. She thinks the Supreme Court is an entity that picks on the minority and actively seeks to abolish everything she stands for.

    The Supreme Court is not in the business of making life miserable for people like Joe Biden and the rest of the Democrats love to do. The court exists to uphold the Constitution and ensure that people are not forced to do things that would violate the founding documents upon which the country is founded.

    There is no doubt that Lori Lightfoot calls on people to commit acts of violence toward the Supreme Court. The Justices are placed on the bench only after careful and deep interviews. Their qualifications are tested and tried by fire, and the nominee is watched to see how they handle the pressure.

    But the liberal mayor will no doubt try to explain away her words and deny trying to incite violence. The media will never question her words because she is a Democrat. But had a Republican made such a statement, there would have been calls for impeachment and a trial that would only end in the hanging of the conservative from the Capitol Building.

    The Democrats should be ashamed of the way they are acting. They have forgotten what it means to debate and think logically about working with other people. They believe that their way is the only way to proceed. And if any other person or party gets in their way, they will suffer their wrath through violent outbreaks and attacks. The Democratic Party is nothing more than a group of terrorists trying to seize power for themselves.


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