Iran Found Smuggling Oil Out of Country and Those Involved Are Now under Sanctions


    Iran is a terrorist nation actively developing nuclear weapons to use against their selected targets. The Democratic party has a long history of supporting its efforts to acquire the material needed to produce the devices. Joe Biden and his administration have sought to empower Iran to continue their efforts by working to get the terrorist nation back to the negotiation table and trying to lift sanctions placed on them by Donald Trump.

    The midterm elections have forced Joe Biden and the rest of the Democrats to work for America. Their actions in the past have been to put America last and nations such as Iran first.

    It’s no secret that Iran has supporters willing to violate the sanctions and smuggle Iranian oil out of the country. The sanctions are in place to keep Iran from being able to earn money to fund its nuclear weapons program.

    The Treasury Department finally has stated that they are placing new sanctions on those countries that are willfully aiding Iran in smuggling their oil out of the country. These rogue nations are risking a lot to aid Iran in their journey to develop nuclear weapons capable of killing innocent people.

    Newsbreak reported that “In a statement, the department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control said that a group of Iranian Revolutionary Guard officials launched a network that facilitated the sale of Iranian oil for them and Hezbollah, a Lebanese-based political party and militant group, which generated sales worth millions of dollars.”

    That money will fund the research and acquire the materials needed for Iranian goals. The smugglers are nations that oppose the United States and would love to see Iran use their weapons against western powers.

    Newsbreak reported that “The office also said that the oil smuggling network was run by U.S.-designated Revolutionary Guard official Behnam Shahriyari and former Revolutionary Guard official Rostam Ghasemi and backed by senior Russian officials and state-run economic organs. The companies and business ventures targeted in the latest round of sanctions include Hong Kong-based energy company China Haokun Energy Limited, Iran-based Petro China Pars Co. and Lebanon-based Concepto Screen SAL Off-Shore.”

    The sad reality is that the same nations Biden loves to cater to are the ones working behind the scenes to aid Iran in getting their weapons built. Communist China has long envied the power and wealth of the United States, and they are willing to help Iran get their oil out for buyers to purchase.

    Biden and his administration have failed to get Iran back to the table to negotiate. And instead of pressuring them with more sanctions and further actions, they have quietly placated them and allowed the terrorist leaders to do whatever they want.

    Iran will continue to make unreasonable demands, and the United States will continue to submit as long as Joe Biden sits in the White House and twiddles his thumbs. Biden does not care about doing the job that everyone thinks he was elected to do.

    Communist China has been found to buy over 700,000 barrels a day of Iranian oil. That money from China is being used to fund a weapons program that will kill millions of innocent people. They are paying Iran millions for their oil, and the old man in the White House looks the other way as if to claim nothing is happening.

    Brian Nelson, the undersecretary for the Treasury, stated that the United States is still looking to deal with Iran. But Biden has looked the other way and has done nothing except sanction the companies dealing with Iranian oil.

    History has proven that liberal-based sanctions are ineffective. Only a strong president will ever make a difference against the terrorists of the world. Joe Biden has proved to be the weakest man ever to sit in the White House.

    Biden needs to sound firm, so he uses Nelson to tell the world that America will target the smugglers and sanction them. But the world laughs in his face because Biden cannot even solve the simple problem of feeding American infants. Biden’s best-made efforts fall short and make matters worse for everyone involved.


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