It’s Trial Time for This Kansas Woman Who Led a Brigade of 100 Female ISIS Fighters in Syria…Some As Young as 10-Years-Old


    “There’s no place like home,” Dorothy repeated as she closed her eyes and clicked the heels of her red-ruby slippers. When she reopened her peepers she was back in Kansas, tucked safely in her own bed. Similar to Dorothy, another woman, Allison Elizabeth Fluke-Ekren, without warning, disappeared from her home in Kansas only to end up in a different mystical land known as Syria. 

    Unlike Dorothy, Fluke-Ekren’s journey was intentional, and she didn’t need to click her heels to get back home. U.S. authorities gave her a free ride, at least as far as Alexandria, Virginia, where she is now tucked safely into a  hard lumpy prison mattress.

    Upon graduation from the University of Kansas, Fluke-Ekren took some needed time off to travel the world. With no interest in seeing the typical mundane sights of Paris or Amsterdam, she visited Turkey, Libya, and Egypt.

    Fluke-Ekren’s pre-arranged tour guides throughout her entire travel adventure all worked for the same collaborative group called Ansar al-Sharia, and absolutely known to her, they were all Islamic terrorists with ties to ISIS.

    Upon bidding her guides a fond ado, Fluke-Ekran’s next stop was Syria. It was here that on behalf of ISIS, she took command of 100 fighters, all-female, and some as young as 10-years-old. She taught them how to shoot an AR-15, pull the plug on a grenade, and the proper way to fasten a fashionable suicide belt. 

    In the first hearing of the case held this week, Fluke-Elkran pleaded ignorance. “We didn’t intentionally train any young girls,” she said. It’s not difficult to distinguish a 10-year-old child from a grown-ass woman, but okay… 

    As surprise witnesses, some of the women who were forced to train under Fluke-Ekran, but who later escaped the grasp of ISIS, are expected to show up in Alexandria to testify against their trainer, claiming she caused them “life-long trauma.” 

    Here’s where this all becomes a bit more complex. In 2012, Fluke-Ekran’s then-husband stole some documents pertaining to the 2011 attacks in Benghazi on a diplomatic annex and a US mission. One of the attacks killed US Ambassador Christopher Stevens along with three other Americans.

    The two analyzed the stolen information before turning their findings, as well as the original documents, over to Ansar al-Sharia. How the documents were illegally obtained is anyone’s guess at this point, but since Fluke-Ekran is trying to cop a plea deal, she’s expected to spill the humus. 

    Fluke-Ekran later married an ISIS sniper who was taken down by US troops in 2016, but not before big plans were developed that were fortunately never carried out.

    She had been scheming with ISIS leaders to conduct attacks in the US. One was to park a panel van stuffed full of explosives in the underground parking lot of a shopping mall. The thought was that the impact would crumble the mall’s floor as shoppers toppled to their deaths under the falling debris.

    One of the expected Syrian witnesses claims she was told that it’s useless to attack anywhere in a small way. The goal was to take out as many people as possible, at once, so as to not waste resources. 

    According to Judge Leonie Brinkema who’s presiding over the case, just as any good Muslim woman who’s worth her salt, Fluke-Ekren has a passel of younguns. It stands to reason how the 20-year sentence she’s facing has little appeal to her and the judge attributes this to her cooperation.

    This is all anybody has at the moment. It’s understandable how the feds are only releasing certain information in the interest of national security. Even if a deal is reached, it’ll be a long, long, time before this lost lady ever sees Kansas again. 


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