Protesters Come for Coney and Dems are Still Silent


    What’s been happening to the Justices of the Supreme Court since the leak of a decision on Roe v Wade has been absolutely disgusting. Just weeks ago, someone stepped foot onto Justice Kavanaugh’s property with the intention to either kill or kidnap him. And now, there are protesters on Amy Coney Barrett’s property.

    A bill has already passed through the House that would provide added security to the justices and their immediate families. This is of the utmost importance as the ruling for Roe v Wade should come out later this summer.

    The entire country is in a heated debate about whether abortions should be allowed or not. Things will get violent regardless of the ruling.

    One thing is clear, however. It is against the law to harass or influence a judge. Protesting outside of their home definitely falls into this jurisdiction – yet Democrats are not looking to prosecute those who protest. In fact, Biden has yet to even come out to discourage such behavior.

    What’s happening in front of Coney Barrett’s home is appalling.

    Pro-choice protesters have shown up with bloody doll props. Signs say, “Abortion on demand and without apology.” Many of these come from the group known as Rise Up 4 Abortion Rights.

    The protesters were holding up dolls as well as wearing pants that appeared to be soaked in blood. This was their way of showing what a future would look like if births were forced.

    There have been countless protests happening in front of the homes of SCOTUS justices in the past few weeks. And this is all because of a leaked draft opinion. Who leaked it is still being investigated, but you know it wasn’t one of the Republicans…

    Rise Up 4 Abortion Rights had no problem showing off that they were in front of Coney Barrett’s home in Falls Church, Virginia. They posted photos and videos. They also called on more people to get onto the streets to stop SCOTUS from overturning Roe v Wade.

    “We aren’t incubators! The youth procession delivered baby dolls to Amy Coney Barrett. We aren’t protesting to change the minds of women-hating fascists. We’re calling on the pro-choice majority, on YOU, to get in the streets…”

    Not a single Democratic politician has come forward to call for the protests to stop. There has been no condemnation from the Biden administration to show that such acts are unacceptable.

    Rise Up has been one of the more vocal groups, staging protests not only outside of the home of SCOTUS justices but also at Dodger Stadium and outside of the Supreme Court in DC.

    What Rise Up and some of the other pro-abortion groups forget is that there’s a way to prevent pregnancy. There are pills that can be taken immediately following intercourse that can prevent pregnancy that will still be allowed in a post-Roe v Wade world.

    What these groups also forget is that intimidating judges to rule a certain way is absolutely illegal. The SCOTUS justices will interpret the law in the way that they feel is best based on the Constitution. From there, everyone will have to accept the ruling. Just as SCOTUS has been known to vote conservatively, they have also voted liberally.

    There’s no telling how the vote will go. If it goes in favor of pro-life, the pro-abortion groups will become violent. And if it goes in favor of pro-abortion, the pro-life groups will become violent.

    Either way, the Biden administration needs to get vocal NOW about how protests in front of SCOTUS homes are unacceptable.

    Faith leaders have even called on the Department of Justice to not only prosecute but also “publicly condemn these unlawful attacks.”

    We’re still waiting for the DOJ to act accordingly…


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