Mitt Romney Reveals What He Really Thinks of Donald Trump

    Maria Dryfhout/

    Former President Donald Trump did the impossible and made America a great place to live and prosper. The level of professionalism and care that he brought to the White House was seen in how he worked for the people.

    He put himself last and looked at doing things for Americans that would improve their lives. And he did it by fighting the people who wanted to destroy America and make life miserable for everyone else.

    Since Joe Biden stepped into office, he has put Americans last. The opening of the southern border to an invasion was just his first step into hijacking the country.

    But with everything the old man has done to hurt the country, some cannot seem to keep their minds off of Donald Trump. The Democratic Party has only its interests in mind as they continue doing things that harm the country.

    The liberals tried for years to find something on Trump to get rid of him while serving as president. But they found an upright man who told the truth and stuck to his word. He was the kind of president the country needed to return the greatness that makes America unique from the rest of the world.

    One person that cannot seem to leave Trump alone is Senator Mitt Romney. Romney believes that Trump is some virus that will infect the country and cause problems if he is elected again. The Senator from Utah believes that a sickness developing in America and Donald Trump will only add to the problem.

    Mitt Romney loves Joe Biden and everything that he stands for. He thinks of Biden as a good man that is trying to fight to bring everyone together. His feelings for the old man show just how brainwashed he has become by joining up with the liberal establishment.

    Newsbreak reported that Romney said, “A return of Donald Trump would feed the sickness, probably rendering it incurable.”

    The man fears patriotism because it is a threat to everything that his beloved Biden stands for. Patriotism means that people love America and will defend the country against any threat. And that is something that the Democrats cannot have as they work at tearing the country down.

    As Newsweek reported, Romney also wrote, “More and more, we are a nation in denial. Perhaps this is a branch of the same delusion that leads people to feed money into slot machines: Because I want to win, I believe that I will win.”

    The only denial in America is the belief that Biden is the best thing to ever happen to America. The old man is the worst thing ever to sit in the White House, and he certainly has done the worst job as president.

    It does not matter how good a person may appear to be. What matters is the work and representation they bring to the Oval Office. And Joe Biden has only brought betrayal.

    Romney mentioned that he wanted a president that could unite the country. The problem is that he missed the unit that Trump brought to the White House. So many people loved how he made America great that record numbers of people voted for him during the hijacked election of 2020.

    And for Romney to assert that Trump would fuel some infection is pure speculation. The only paranoia that exists sits deep within the Democratic Party. It is a paranoia that they will somehow lose it all if they are found working with people with a different opinion or belief system.

    The sad truth is that Romeny fell into a lie spread by the Democratic Party that Donald Trump was abusing his power. The former president used his power to defend America and those that call it home.

    The only person abusing their power is Joe Biden, who issues a record number of executive orders designed to bypass Congress and establish a law that he is constitutionally allowed to pass. He has betrayed the people that he swore to serve.


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