Russia Threatening To Take Back Alaska by Any Means Necessary


    Delusional statements coming out of Moscow are nothing new. Especially over the last year or so. With the US imposing sanctions on Russia as a result of their invasion of Ukraine, it’s not surprising that they would have some nonsense to say as a result.

    Speaker of the State Duma Vyacheslav Volodin has been more than happy to offer up those nonsensical statements to ensure we don’t miss out on their attempts to sound stronger than they are. Issuing a warning that “when [U.S. lawmakers] attempt to appropriate our assets abroad, they should be aware that we also have something to claim back” during a session of the lower house of the Russian Federal Assembly on July 5th, he seems to have forgotten his history.

    Referring to Alaska, he seems to not remember that the US purchased Alaska in its entirety for $7.2 million in 1867. This massive State has been a literal gold mine for the US since we purchased it. From gold nuggets to oil, to deep-sea fishing, this state provides this great nation so much. With the unique culture, hunting, and military presence Alaska isn’t a soft target either despite the beliefs of Russia.

    Dmitry Medvedev, deputy secretary-general of the Russian security council also spoke out on the matter concerning the US and Russia. Lashing out with thinly veiled threats of violence should the US decide to establish a multinational tribunal to prosecute Russia for war crimes, he quickly tipped his hand as well as revealing very clearly that Russia has not been abiding by the rules of war.

    “The U.S. and its useless stooges should remember the words of the Bible: Do not judge and you will not be judged … so that the great day of His wrath doesn’t come to their home one day.” Medvedev then recounted the “bloody” history of the US in a very lengthy threat on Telegram.

    There he referenced the “subjugation” of Native populations, as well as the atomic bombing of Japan during WWII. Dismissing the idea of a tribunal as a hypocritical move by the US to “to judge others while staying immune from any trial,” he also asked the question “Was anyone held responsible for those crimes? What tribunal condemned the sea of blood spilled by the U.S. there?”

    No matter how many ways or directions the Russians try to slice this, they have no rights to Alaska. They lack the manpower, equipment, and dedication to have a conflict with Alaska in the hopes of taking it over, and they would be at an even bigger disadvantage trying to take on the lower 48. Attempting to threaten, intimidate, or ridicule the US against any potential war crimes investigations is nearly as foolish a move.

    What they fail to account for is how other nations may pick up that ball and run with it. The US is not the only country supplying Ukraine with munitions, intelligence, and finance. Countries like Germany, Poland, and the UK have been providing their fair share as well. If they were to push for such an investigation Russia would have nothing to come back towards them with. Instead, it would be more of the usual angry grumbling from the Kremlin.

    Any kind of further aggression at this point would prove to be unnecessary and detrimental to Russian interests. Their viewpoint of being completely in the right to invade Ukraine, or that the US owes them Alaska is absolutely without merit. Getting to this level of dumb is usually reserved for those who work very hard at it and the liberal left. Now the question is if Biden will allow them to say these things without a retort, or if he’ll actually find a set and respond?


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