Did the FBI Steal Trump’s Passports?


    We all know that the way that the FBI raid of Donald Trump’s home was inappropriate. They waited until the former president was out of town (he was in New York). Then, they sent 30+ FBI agents to Mar-a-Lago with a blanket search warrant to look for anything and everything.

    Trump’s attorneys weren’t allowed to supervise the raid, either. That means that there’s no telling what they took…or what they potentially left behind.

    According to the FBI, there were 11 confidential documents removed from Trump’s home that belonged to the National Archives. But what else did they take?

    Trump is accusing the FBI of stealing his passports.

    Imagine getting home after FBI agents have rummaged through your belongings. Naturally, you’re going to look for important documents – including passports.

    Donald Trump has come forward to say that he had three passports and that one was expired. Now, he cannot find any of them. You don’t typically lose your passport. So, it’s natural for him to assume that the FBI stole it. He could absolutely be right. Since his attorneys weren’t allowed to see what the agents took, they could have taken those travel documents.

    And without a passport, Trump cannot leave the country.

    Trump was quick to let everyone else know what was going on, identifying on his social media platform “Wow! In the raid by the FBI of Mar-a-Lago, they stole my three passports (one expired), along with everything else. This is an assault on a political opponent at a level never seen before in our Country! Third World!”

    He’s right. It is an assault on a political opponent because it’s assumed that he’ll run in 2024.

    When Trump was calling for an investigation into Joe Biden, he had impeachment charges brought up against him. Yet, when the Democrats are the ones pulling the strings, they’ll look the other way.

    There are some questions about having three passports. Most people have one. Did he have one under a fake name?

    Most people keep old passports because of the stamps. Trump could have easily been the same way.

    It is also assumed that he would have had a red “diplomatic” passport during the time of his presidency. That would have likely expired, too – so either he had two expired passports or one of the passports was that of former First Lady Melania Trump.

    The FBI isn’t talking. They’re not saying whether they took his passports or not.

    They could have been seized by accident (unlikely) or because they feel that Trump is a flight risk.

    Even if they did believe that Trump is a flight risk, they should have notified him of any personal items they removed from his home. It’s just too convenient that his passports are missing immediately following an FBI raid of his home.

    Trump is an organized businessman. There’s no way that he simply misplaced important documents like his passports.

    Social media is blowing up with the possibilities of what is going on.

    Was the reason Trump was looking for his passports to flee the country?

    Did the FBI actually take the passports? And if they did, at what point do they plan on giving them back?

    Trump hasn’t actually been charged with a crime yet. So, there would be no reason for him to be considered a flight risk.

    Let’s also remember that if Trump DID want to flee, he could do so by claiming asylum in a country that doesn’t have U.S. extradition. He could fly to a country on his private jet without having to show a passport to anyone.

    Oh, but wait…

    The FBI has come forward to say that they did take his passports.

    The FBI agents felt that it was necessary to confiscate them while performing the raid.

    According to the Department of Justice, the passports have been returned. However, they did hold onto them for a week before saying anything. It wasn’t until after Trump made the accusations that they were returned.

    So, if Trump hadn’t raised hell, would the FBI still be holding onto his passports? It’s definitely a question we should all be asking.


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