China Tries to Take the Spotlight as More U.S. Officials Head to Taiwan


    Communist China is all about presenting a positive image to the world. They cannot accept any reports or news that give them a bad image. The government constantly monitors publications and events, looking for any information they need to censor. But when things happen out of their control, the only reaction they know how to give is one of complete defiance or a show of strength. And that is precisely what they have done a second time now that more U.S. officials are heading to Taiwan.

    The Chinese regime stated they were planning more military practices around the tiny island because American officials visited the region. They cannot stand the idea of the American people supporting a small country that they believe should be under communist control.

    The same threat was made when Nancy Pelosi decided to get out of her chair and took a trip to Taiwan to meet the people and say a few words. The Chinese viewed her actions as an affront to their power, and they took action to show that they were powerful by hosting military drills.

    The communist leaders have an insane need to appear likable and influential. For the United States to have any presence forces them to think they must respond. It all comes down to the fact that they cannot stand to watch people live free because it exposes the horrors of what it is like to live under communist rule.

    Newsbreak reports that the Chinese “accuses the U.S. of encouraging the island’s independence through the sale of weapons and engagement between U.S. politicians and the island’s government. Washington says it does not support independence, has no formal diplomatic ties with the island and maintains that the two sides should settle their dispute peacefully — but it is legally bound to ensure the island can defend itself against any attack.”

    The Chinese look for anything they can use to justify their selfish actions. The U.S. officials visiting Taiwan was just another opportunity to flaunt their military might. Their need for acceptance as a positive place to live causes them to go to extremes to hide the truth that they torture and abuse their people.

    Wang Wenbin is the Chinses Foreign Ministry spokesperson. Wenbin stated, “China will take resolute and strong measures to defend national sovereignty and territorial integrity. A handful of U.S. politicians, in collusion with the separatist forces of Taiwan independence, are trying to challenge the one-China principle, which is out of their depth and doomed to failure.”

    American officials visiting Taiwan silently recognize the sovereignty of the country. And that silence is deafening to the communist regime that believes any territory once controlled by them is theirs for eternity.

    For some reason, the East believes that America is an aggressive enemy seeking to take over the world. The military drills are supposed to be a deterrent to any military action against the mainland. But the truth is that America seeks to help smaller nations remain free from the oppression of wicked rulers seeking to expand their borders by swallowing up smaller nations.

    The growing sentiment is that nations such as Russia and China are making moves of aggression because the United States has a weak leader. They know President Joe Biden will look the other way as the wicked rulers abuse the smaller nations worldwide.

    The communist leaders claim that they want to absorb Taiwan peacefully. But the Taiwanese do not want to give up their freedom to join a communist regime determined to subject the people to abuse and horrible living conditions.

    The visit by American officials is a way of showing support to the tiny island. Some people in America want to help, even though Joe Biden wants to cater to the Chinese.

    Taiwan sits as a beacon of what freedom looks like in a part of the world ruled by wicked rulers. It is the one place where people can go to avoid becoming the next victim of a government ruled by communism and selfish greed.


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